love udis

I used to bake bread for my mom. Now with Udis I don’t have too. Love all the products. Now after getting on the blog, I find out they make cookies!!!. OMG can’t wait until they start selling them here in my town. Everything we have tried from Udi’s has been wonderful. Still waiting until the buns are sold in my area, can’t wait

Name: katie w.
City: lubbock
State: tx

One response to “love udis”

  1. Lana Legge says:

    I just had to write to tell you that I’ve enjoyed my first doughy, un-toasted peanut butter and jam sandwich in years!!!! The bread is delicious! I also tried your bagels and could NOT believe how good they tasted. How do you get this gluten free bread so right!?! I can’t wait to try the hamburger buns. They are sold out now at my supermarket but I’ll be trying them soon. Thanks so much for awesome products. I don’t feel like I’m sacrificing a thing eating a gluten free diet.

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