Strange Combinations = My New Favorite Pizza

Yesterday on FacebookTwitter we asked our fans, “What is your favorite (non-cheese) grilled cheese topping.” We also asked the Udi’s Gluten Free Foods staff. The staff favorite ended up being avocados, and the Facebook responses included everything from tomato to bacon to horseradish! I started to think about some of these combinations and how they would fare on our gluten-free pizza crusts.

The result looks something like this (I remembered to take a photo after nearly demolishing the entirety of it’s amazingness):

Jillian's Crazy Gluten-Free PizzaOn one Udi’s gluten free crust add

-1 whole avocado, mashed with your favorite seasoning (I used black lava salt, cumin, & fresh cracked black pepper) as the base or sauce for the pizza
-Top with 1/2 can drained & diced tomatoes (fresh would be better-I’m just running low on produce)
-To your taste add crumbles of goat cheese & thinly sliced prosciutto
-Lastly, the most important touch–drizzle your favorite gluten-free barbecue sauce on top and throw the pizza in the oven!

and VOILA you have my dinner from yesterday!

Because none of these ingredients actually require cooking you could absolutely grill the crusts plain or with a little olive oil and then add the ingredients as you like, but I left it in the oven just long enough for the crusts to crisp up and the goat cheese to get a little melted.

I know that most of you are looking at this and think I’m crazy, but I do not think this pizza will disappoint as long as you know you love all the ingredients listed above already.

I just want to shout out another BIG thank you to all of our Facebook fans who responded to that question and inspired this pizza. It’s going to become a summer staple in my household, I know it!

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Until the next crazy creation,


2 responses to “Strange Combinations = My New Favorite Pizza”

  1. Jillian says:

    Hi Karen – this is Jillian w/ Udi’s. If you cannot do avocado or prosciutto may I recommend a more traditional pizza with red sauce and a white cheese like mozzarella. To kick it up a notch add some fresh basil and organic chicken.

  2. Karen says:

    Can’t do avocado or prosciutto…migraine sufferer…sodium nitrates and soy are killers, mind blowing headaches! Anything else??? No orange cheese either, white is fine.

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