Fav pizza

Fabulous customer recipe using Udi’s Pizza Crust – Yum!Udi's Pizza Crust

I found your crusts and have been having a great time.
I drizzle gently olive oil, smear roast garlic and sprinkle with bruised Basil, bake on pizza stone until crispy.
Top with rice shreds (yellow) pepperoni, or shredded chicken(opt) 1/2c chopped spinach, 2 thin slice mushrooms, rice shreds (white) bake until melted at 400(8min ish) take out and top with 10 clipped or chopped fresh basil leaves and cover with thin sliced fresh tomatos. Let sit to wilt for about 5 min I sprinkle some fine pepper flakes and YUM!

Name: Stacy
City: Anchorage
State: AK


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