Udi's Needs Your Voice!

Our new gluten-free Classic Hamburger Buns, Whole Grain Hamburger Buns and Classic Hot Dog buns are ready for grilling season! But if you are having a hard time finding our products in your neighborhood, we’ve got some tips to help you:

-Make friends with the manager at your grocery store.
-Store managers are good allies, especially if you’re gluten-free.  
-Simply ask the manager to order Udi’s from their distributor.
-Find your local store on Twitter or Facebook and send them a message requesting our buns.

If enough Udi’s fans request our products, you could see Udi’s on store shelves within days.

With a little help from our friends, there could be aBUNdant gluten free options for Memorial Day BBQs and beyond!

6 responses to “Udi's Needs Your Voice!”

  1. Anne Badarak says:

    Your breads are our very favorite! Now we are so eager to try the hamburger & hot dog buns, but can’t find them ANYWHERE! Can’t even order them directly from your online store! out of stock. Please hurry production– I’m sure you’ve got a winner with these products, but we need them NOW!! Thanks for listening…desperate for buns!!!

  2. Barb says:

    I LOVE your products. I’m eagerly waiting for your hamberger and hotdog buns to come to Saskatchewan, Canada. I also want to try your pizza crusts.

  3. John Shell says:

    We love your products.

  4. Laurie says:

    Been bugging every store I can. So far no buns in Nashville anywhere. 🙁

  5. Nina Laden says:

    Get your buns in our neighborhood! Ballard, Seattle. Thank you.

  6. Kim Denning says:

    I love you Udi’s! I just bought some more of your stuff today. So thankful to have gluten options that have the flavor and texture I LOVE.

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