A BeUDIful Spring!

It has been a busy spring for our Udi’s Community Ambassadors! The combination of warmer weather and Celiac Awareness Month in May yielded a plethora of fun, gluten-free events all over the country. As I announced earlier, Udi’s Gluten Free is a national sponsor for the Making Tracks for Celiac walks, and attended seven walks, all of which were huge successes for both the participants and University of Maryland Center for Celiac Research (they raised over $96,000 for the Center!).

Making Tracks for Celiac - SyracuseOn May 1, Carolyn S. handed out samples of our granola to runners and walkers at the inaugural Arlington, Virgina Celiac Walk. Additionally, on May 22, she helped our Healthcare Outreach Director, Sarah Lapp, make toast with jam and bagels with cream cheese for participants at the 10th Annual Walk in Baltimore, Maryland. One day earlier, on May 21, Beth L. and Jan  T. not only sampled our muffins and bagels, but also put together a beUDIful gift bag (containing our new buns and ancient grain breads!) for the silent auction in Tri-County, Michigan.

In addition to the Making Tracks for Celiac walks, our ambassadors have been busy sampling our new Hamburger and Hot dog buns at various gluten-free BBQs. On May 15, Ashley M. brought the new buns to the Annual Indiana Gluten Free Summer Potluck in West Lafayette, Indiana, where she said, “everyone raved over the hamburger and hot dog buns. They were excited to be able to eat a normal bun again.”
Ambassador, Katrina T. at Tampa BBQ
In Tampa, Florida, Katrina brought buns to the Tampa Gluten Free Friends Memorial Day BBQ potluck. People were able to enjoy their delicious gluten-free hamburgers, chicken burgers and hot dogs without any fear! This past weekend, Regan, our Ambassador Coordinator for the West, attended the CSA Summer BBQ here in Denver, Colorado and served up Canino’s Sausages (a local GF sausage company) in Udi’s buns. Meanwhile, in Warner Robbins, Georgia, Pam A. sampled Udi’s Hot Dog buns and cookies at the GIG of Middle Georgia Summer Picnic.

As the summer progresses, we plan to continue supporting gluten-free BBQs happening all over the nation. Look for Udi’s Q’s where we’ll be grilling GF delights in Florida, New York, California and many more places. Furthermore, if you’re planning on or want to throw an Udi-Q for your community, we want to help out. We know that there is nothing better than grilling with your friends and family on a hot summer night, and now, we can help you do so gluten and worry-free!


2 responses to “A BeUDIful Spring!”

  1. Susan Hall says:

    I would love to know where I can get a shirt also?
    I have never heard of anything like this taking place in Canada am I out of the look in Edmonton or what ?

  2. BillS says:

    How much for a Gluten Freedom T-Shirt. Saw them at the BSCSG picnic (celiacs support group) and would love to have one. The desert samples were great also 🙂

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