Find Today's Badge & Win Goodies Before The Weekend

UGFiconToday’s image has been posted somewhere for our dedicated fans to find on our new gluten free community website.

A lot of people have won already and we’re only halfway through this contest!

Today is your chance to win 5 Udi’s Gluten Free products of your choice and automatically be entered to win an iPad2.

Happy sleuthing and best of luck.

Check out our Gluten Free Contest for more information on winning your favorite Udi’s Gluten Free Products and/ or our Grand Prize, an Apple Ipad 2.

Remember, once you find today’s badge you’ll have to go to our Scavenger Hunt Contact Form and select the Scavenger Hunt Category before you tell us where the image is located within

7 responses to “Find Today's Badge & Win Goodies Before The Weekend”

  1. Deborah Hall says:

    Todays badge is the UGFicon (wheat with a slash through it)

  2. Debra Born says:

    The badge is located on the "Set yourself up for Success" page above the #4 of this page.

  3. Alicia Welch says:

    The badge is within the Udi’s logo. Also, I completed the scavenger hunt form.

  4. Ronda Couch says:

    Udi’s no wheat icon.

  5. Marina Reynaga says:

    its right here!!!!

  6. Karen Frye says:

    Your products have really made a difference in our lives.

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