Help! We've Lost our Badge – Find it & Win

badge s-hunt 20110906Today’s image (example to the left) has been posted. This has to be the hardest one to find yet. You can find it somewhere within our new gluten free community website.

A lot of people have won already and we’ll be announcing more winners tomorrow!

This is your chance to win 5 Udi’s Gluten Free products of your choice and automatically be entered to win an iPad2.

Happy sleuthing.

Check out our Gluten Free Contest for more information on winning your favorite Udi’s Gluten Free Products and/ or our Grand Prize, an Apple iPad2.

Remember, once you find today’s badge you’ll have to go to our Scavenger Hunt Contact Form and select the Scavenger Hunt Category before you tell us where the image is located within

5 responses to “Help! We've Lost our Badge – Find it & Win”

  1. Kirsten Baillargeon says:

    There are 3 celiac’s in my family, we are a military family living in Hawaii our commisary now carries a variety of GF products but I am sad to say yours is not one of them. In fact we pay 8.00 a loaf just for the whole grain bread and can not afford your other products even if we could find them here in Oahu. Can you help with this? the bread they carry at the commisary is the old dry brands that crumble and aren’t good for much except stuffing at thanks giving or ground up to fry fish or chicken I would love to be able to purchase your items here. Also I must drive a long distance to the only store that carries your bread here.

  2. Margaret Thornton says:

    Love your products!!!

  3. teresa teague says:

    the badge is located on the udi’s gluten free stuffing recipe page nect to the time of 20 minutes.

  4. ingrid de Man says:

    I’m happy with glutenfree,now my son can eat
    almost everything.

  5. Jamie says:

    I found it in the Udi’s Gluten Free Stuffing Recipe

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