Tweet To Win on National Celiac Awareness Day

UPDATE: Scroll down to see the list of winners.

Tuesday, September 13th is National Celiac Awareness Day, and we want to do our part to spread the word. Beginning at 1:00am MT on September 13th, we will post one fact about celiac disease per hour for the entire day on our @UdisGlutenFree Twitter account. Simply RT any or all of these tweets to be entered to win an Udi’s prize pack including:

  • One (1) Udi’s Gluten Freedom T-Shirt
  • One (1) pack of Udi’s pizza crusts
  • One (1) loaf of Udi’s whole grain bread
Twitter Prize


All facts posted are taken from the following sources:

Eligibility: You must be a U.S. resident living in the 48 contiguous states and following our @UdisGlutenFree Twitter account to be eligible to win. Winners will be contacted via Twitter @reply or DM within 5 business days of the promotion.


Tweet 1: @justmeloulou
Tweet 2: @2blondgiggles
Tweet 3: @nature_balls
Tweet 4: @erinelise
Tweet 5: @Courtsey09
Tweet 6: @ackkind
Tweet 7: @Leguardo
Tweet 8: @RealMrsUS
Tweet 9: @ndssprvsn13
Tweet 10: @winderj
Tweet 11: @hannahbobannah8
Tweet 12: @peterhuggins
Tweet 13: @viequense
Tweet 14: @fashionatalie
Tweet 15: @Lau123
Tweet 16: @_mandable
Tweet 17: @Sophia_Kleiber
Tweet 18: @kldief
Tweet 19: @maielise
Tweet 20: @Laserturkey
Tweet 21: @michellemmmm
Tweet 22: @bszabo67
Tweet 23: @josephfariasiii
Tweet 24: @jenmarc

9 responses to “Tweet To Win on National Celiac Awareness Day”

  1. Deb Boden says:

    I love Udi’s products. My 15 year old son and I both have Celiac. But recently I have been frustrated with their sandwich bread. I have opened five packages that have holes through the center of the bread. Not to much fun when you are trying to pack a lunch fro a High school kid.

  2. Laurie says:

    The bagels have saved my life. Really.

  3. Sandi says:

    I had soooo much trouble sticking to the gluten free diet–but now it is much easier with udi’s products. THANKS UDI’S!!!!

  4. Susan says:

    Adjusting to a gluten free diet has been really hard on our teenager. Thanks for making her life easier and providing so many delicious options with your delicious bread, buns, muffins, bagels and pizza crust!

  5. jeannie starks says:

    I’m celebrating celiac awareness day by eating udi’s gluten free bread, toasted with my tofu scramble! thanks for a great product–makes this disease bearable.

  6. Wendy from Udi's says:

    Thanks for your comments and support everyone!

  7. Rockdog7711 says:

    My Brother In Law and his children suffer from Celiac’s Disease and utilize many products manufactured by Udi’s. He also maintains a web link regarding Celiac Disease.

  8. Marlene Schmidt says:

    Going on the celiac diet has saved my life and the Udi Bread, bagels and buns are delicous

  9. Cerise says:

    Changing my lifestyle has been the best choice ever! I started a blog and have been doing a lot of research. Still in the beginning of knowing what to eat and how to prepare all gluten free meals, I re-found my love to food again!!

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