Gluten-Free In College? No worries!

Having just wrapped up my sophomore year of college in May, I am very much familiar with the frequent necessity for quick, easy meals. College students are often on-the-go when it comes to mealtime, but for students with dietary restrictions, quick and easy can be hard to come by. Although many campus dining halls are expanding their menus to accommodate those with various allergies and intolerances, it can still be difficult to find nutritious snacks and meal options when so many foods seem to be off limits.

At Udi’s, we aim to help ease this burden for you hard-working, gluten-free college students! You can fix a quick sandwich for lunch with our delicious GF bread or grab one of our GF bagels on your way to class. Balancing schoolwork, activities, and social life is hard enough as it is – finding great food options shouldn’t have to be another weight on your mind!

So, as another little contribution from our gluten-free world to yours, we offer you this super simple and tasty recipe. I concocted this one day from the things I had in my meagerly stocked college student kitchen, so I’m certain it will be easy for you to whip up as well. Enjoy!

Ingredients:Udi's open-faced college sandwich
2 slices of Udi’s Gluten Free White Sandwich Bread
1 triangle wedge of Laughing Cow Light Garlic and Herb cheese [Important: always check ingredients –
Laughing Cow does not currently use any ingredients containing gluten, but all company
products that are not Certified Gluten Free are subject to changes in their manufacturing.]
Spreadable butter (or substitute olive oil for a healthier option)
Oregano & ground black pepper (both to taste)

Set your stove to medium heat.

Simply take a slice of Udi’s bread and spread half a wedge of Laughing Cow Cheese on one side, and spread butter on the other side. Do the same for the other slice, using the remainder of the wedge of cheese. Then place the bread butter side-down in a skillet on the stove.

Sprinkle some oregano and black pepper (to taste) on the cheese side while it melts. Brown the bread as if you would a grilled cheese, and make sure to check the underside with a spatula every now and then so as not to burn it. Once the underside of the bread is crispy and golden brown, simply put it on a plate to cool a bit, and then serve!

You can also try making a grilled sandwich out of this recipe by putting the two pieces together and adding some gluten-free lunch meat in the middle. Let us know how you added your own twist, and make sure to send us your feedback – we always love to hear your thoughts! Happy grubbing!

7 responses to “Gluten-Free In College? No worries!”

  1. catarina frederick says:

    UDI is on a mission to share the joy of gluten free foods this season

  2. Kinsey Durham says:

    Appreciate the guest post relating to college students. I have a gluten intolerance and am in college at CU Boulder. Follow my blog! Thanks!

  3. Dulce says:

    I would not survive without Udi’s! I’m a senior in college living in the dorms, and my school is in no way concerned about the needs of the gluten intolerant/celiac students. I always keep a loaf of Udi’s bread and Udi’s bagels in my fridge in my room (and occasionally the cookies and muffins!).

  4. Ruby Gallagher says:

    Dear Udi, please work hard on getting your foods into cafeterias, both schools and corporate. Then show restaurants and cafes how easy it would be to keep a loaf of your bread or a bag of buns on site for special requests. Please. Thank you. That’s a nice cheezy treat, but many dorms don’t allow have ovens or allow toaster ovens. How about some recipes we can use for microwaves? thanks.

  5. Susan MacAfee says:

    Do you make any gluten free foods that are dairy and egg free as well?

  6. Megan G says:

    I remember being gluten-free while living in the dorms, it was rough. I remember eating lots of string cheese with GF lunch meat wrapped around it. This would have been infinitely better. Now that I’m in grad school, I’ll need to try this recipe.

  7. sammy says:

    Hi, your recipe is much too caloric. Considering that most college students regardless of being celiac/gluten free or not end up gaining weight (trust me I know) you should be concentrating on healthier recipes. Theres almost no nutritional value to this preparation. Consider putting salad, cucumbers, tomatoes, protein etc into a sandwiche type version of this. The alternative is even worse. A grill cheese sandwich,

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