Two For Tuesday BONUS Giveaways!!!

Today’s last hidden object for our iPad2 contest has been posted. This is your last chance to win 5 products of your choice by finding today’s micro-text, “Share The Joy.”

…But wait, THERE’S MORE!!!   

Today is National Celiac Awareness Day – please help us increase awareness about celiac disease. After you find today’s hidden text on our website – follow us on Twitter for fun facts and bonus giveaways.

Also, check out our Gluten Free Contest for more information and an example of what micro-text is. 

This is the last chance to win your favorite Udi’s Gluten Free Products and/ or our Grand Prize, an Apple iPad2.  

Happy sleuthing and best of luck.

Remember, once you find today’s micro-text  you’ll have to go to our Scavenger Hunt Contact Form and select the Scavenger Hunt Category before you tell us where the image is located.

8 responses to “Two For Tuesday BONUS Giveaways!!!”

  1. Levinia Heinisch says:

    I cried for months at having no bread. And being from England that is a staple. So when all syour product came on the market I thought I had died and gone to Heaven. But then I had to drive 70 miles round trip to buy the bread. Now my Publix and Kroger in Douglasville, GA is carrying your product and I hope it continues to be stocked. But still not in Walmart yet. Keep up the good baking from me and my 2 granddaughters all celiac. Sincerely Levinia Heinisch

  2. sandra says:

    I just was diagnosed with celiac level 4. Tried Udi;s bread and I love it..

  3. Janet DiSantis says:

    I was just diagnosed with a gluten allergy last week. I have been on a search for a good bread, I have wasted money on different expensive breads that I could not eat becasue of the taste. My internet search has broughtr me to your company. I was just wonder before I spend another 6 or 7 dollars on a loaf of bread does your company have samples or coupons that you do not have to download a progam to be able to get. Any help in this matter woujld be greatly appreciated.

  4. Trishia Smale says:

    Great job with the gluten free foods… Love the bagels 🙂

  5. Cathy Pfalzgraff says:

    I too am really glad to see all the new products in the stores. I have known I have Celiac for 4 years now and there are more and more better tasting products all the time.

  6. Maureen Olsen says:

    I am in love with Udi’s bread. Either kind – whole or white. I love it. Also the bagels and muffins are awesome. Greatest thing ever at the store I shop at. BTW why does not Walmart have Udi items in it?

  7. Maureen Olsen says:

    I really need an ipad!

  8. Maureen Olsen says:

    I have Celiac and its twin, Dermatitis Herpetiformis – have no idea what else to call it but the only difference between the internal celiac is that it attacks the skin in blister type bumps, and medication can be taken if nausea etc., becomes too bad whereas with the regular Celiac it cannot be. I have had this for 14 years and I am so happy to see all the new products on the market finally!

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