Joy Mission: Question #1

Ready for the first question of our Joy Mission? Answer the following question with a comment and be entered to win our Udi’s Holiday Essentials Kit.
Question #1
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  1. Eva H. – Any kind of flaky pastry product … phillo, puff pastry, croissant, etc. I miss that texture so much!
  2. Betty T. – I would so enjoy a gluten free english muffin. Thanks for all your other yummy food, especially the hamburger buns…a real treat again! 🙂
  3. Sharon D. – I would love manacotti noodles. All your products are so yummy…and I discovered not to long along your hot dog and hamburger buns. So, I am in total agreement with the above comments about what food they would like to see. My family is gluten free and casein free
  4. Amy J. – Cake! Thanks Udi’s for making great pizza crust!
  5. Jennifer K. – Pie crust would make Holiday life a lot easier. A "Pop Tart" would make daily life a lot easier. Especially with the mini-mes.
  6. Pam R. – Can you do triscuits? I love crispy crackers with texture… that’d be fabulous
  7. Susan U. – I would love GF croissants, please! The way they’re made in France with flaky layers!
  8. Elisha N. – I would love to have soft pretzels. I can’t remember the last time I had a pretzel…sounds so good!
  9. Teresa C. – Gluten Free cookies without the dairy. So many of us who have gluten issues also have dairy sensitivities as well and I bought some cookies for the kids only to find out they contained dairy (very sad).
  10. Deborah H. – I would love an onion roll, with lots of onions in a roll I can eat…yummmm

*Remaining winners have been contacted and will be listed once confirmation is received.

1,754 responses to “Joy Mission: Question #1”

  1. Debra Ann says:

    Pancakes Pancakes Pancakes, Cream Puffs that are Celiac safe and also lactose safe.

  2. Linda Pirtle says:

    Soft Preztles for sure!

  3. Pudding Valdez says:

    How about a selection of tasty foods for a toddler that is also soy free and dairy free. The only product I found is one loaf of bread. (No bagels, rolls, buns, etc.) I will read the entire list of ingredients and the last words would always indicate, "may contain soy or dairy". It drives me bananas!!! HELP:(

  4. laura says:

    i would share a meal with 10 of my best girlfriends – we are so busy with kids, jobs, and life – that it is so hard to get together……….i have been eating gluten free for about 6 months after having "issues" with my stomach for 10+ years! love udi’s – esepcially the cinnamon raising bread – my favorite!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Denise says:

    A bread with lots of seeds, oats, and whatever to make a nice hearty bread. I miss those hearty multi grain breads.

  6. Esther Vazquez-Rest says:

    A really awesome tasting Pizza with lots of cheese, hot peppers, olives and artichokes.

  7. Jeryl Baker says:


  8. Christine says:

    Croissants and puff pastry

  9. Katy Abrams says:

    Graham Crackers!!!!

  10. Sylvia Pena says:

    gluten free mozzarella sticks, donuts and bigger pizza crusts and pie crusts

  11. cheryl jones says:

    Angel Food Cake….a close second would be Fig Newtons

  12. dave says:

    I would like a good waffle

  13. Becca Dichraff says:

    I would want pop tarts. When I was young and didn’t know that I had celiac disease, I used to have those frosted kelloggs poptarts while watching cartoons every Saturday morning. I miss those and have not found any gluten-free replacement for them.

  14. Patti says:

    Gluten Free Stuffing please but I love what you have so far at least it is something better than nothing.

  15. Lacey says:

    GF soft pretzels. Ones that tasted like Auntie Anne’s pretzels at the mall.

  16. Becky Petrinovich says:

    I so miss sweet hawaiian bread, french bread, and buttermilk biscutes, a nice cracker, like saltine

  17. Rebecca says:

    My aunt who also has Celiacs

  18. Lesly Burns says:

    the family would eat together. no reason to distinguish between gluten free and non gluten free eaters at the table.

  19. monica says:

    i think good tasting cerel…lucky charms or something

  20. Susan W says:

    Gluten free vegetarian frozen dinners

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