Joy Mission: Question #2

Your answers to yesterday’s Joy Mission question were so fun to read! Ready for Question #2? See below and enter your response with a comment. 10 more people will receive our Udi’s Holiday Essentials Kit from today’s question. Good luck! 
Question #2

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  1. Allison B. – I would invite all of my friends who think that all gluten free food tastes bad. Being in college it is hard to go out to eat with my friends so I would prove to them that this food really isn’t that bad and that you can make a healthy lifestyle out of it.
  2. Diana B. – My daughters. They have so many ailments that going gluten free would clear them up.
  3. Liz D. – I’ll be sharing GF Thanksgiving with my whole family…they can’t tell the difference!
  4. Stephanie S. – My celiac boyfriend Glen, and his son.
  5. Andrea D. – The judges from the Food Network competitions, so they can see that alternative cooking methods/ingredients are viable options and should be included with common recipes!
  6. Diane M. – I would share with my family, who has been so supportive of me since I’ve gone gluten-free!
  7. Susan B. – I want them all to see that it doesn’t have to be a huge undertaking.
  8. Pat C. – My mom, who I think is gluten intolerant but she refuses to believe it. I have two genes for gluten intolerance (one from her), and she was hospitalized last month after eating a loaf of a type of bread she hadn’t eaten for a while; she insists she has no problem with gluten!
  9. Troy C. – It would be with our Gram and grandson Charles in Oklahoma. Been a while since we’ve been able to break bread with them!
  10. Kim W. – I would love to share a gluten free meal with all of my family. They are in Oklahoma,Indianapolis,Kansas, Missouri, and Mexico!

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  1. Cheryl says:

    I have just been told by my doctor that she wants me to be gluten/dairy free. I have a few friends who have been eating this way for awhile so of course they would be invited! Also my husband and daughters with their families so that we can learn about this new way to eat together, along with having time together.

  2. MnM says:

    I would cook a gluten-free meal for my parents who are deceased just to see them again and for all my family who don’t think gluten-free/dairy-free can taste good.

  3. aisha says:

    i would share it with all my gluten free friends!!

  4. Glenda Zahn-Burell says:

    I would love invite all me friends, the ones that supported me gluten free choice and who cared for me even when I forgot to start carin’ for meself.

  5. Jolena Sloane says:

    I would invite all my college friends over to prove to them that it is easy to be gluten-free with Udi’s on my side.

  6. jessica mcgregor says:

    My spouse and son.

  7. Christine G says:

    My mom. She has the same allergies I do. Until I found Udi’s, I would never subject anyone else to gluten free! Udi’s is truly the best

  8. Janet Moore says:

    I would invite people who cannot admit that they should be eating GF food to show them how tasty GF can be and how easy to make.

  9. Chris Young says:

    I would eat pizza and stuffing and cake and club sandwiches. I would eat a bucket of fried chicken and mashed potatoes and gravy.

  10. mona says:

    I would share it with my family so for once we all would eat the same meal without exemption.

  11. Diane Buccuzzo says:

    My instructors from culinary school so we all can enjoy GF pastries,since they are not taught in our program!

  12. Kathy Carpenter says:

    I would invite my good friend Pat who hates anything that good for you.

  13. Jacqui Barnes says:

    I would share a Gluten Free Meal with ALL of the Big Grocery Stores, All of the Major Restraunts, All of the School Principles that would participate as well as the president! And during that meal I would discuss all of the medical issues that could happen if my daughter and my grandmother do not eat correctly. We NEED to educate educate educate!!!! Eating Gluten Free is still in the dark ages and Needs to be brought to light! They alsoneed to know how GOOD UDI’s IS! And that they can offer brands like Ud’s in schools, Stores and Restraunrs all over the US and the World!!!

  14. Janice Monds says:

    I would want to share a gluten free meal with my extended family. My husband, sons and their families eat gluten free with me regularly. I would like to share with more of the family just how good it can be!

  15. Mary Ann Hallinan says:

    If I could share a gluten-free meal with anyone, I’d share it with my daughter Sarah and anyone who like like to try it.

  16. Elissa Philgence says:

    My mother-in-law, she need help when it comes to understand her grandchildren’s diet.

  17. PF Anderson says:

    I have so many GF Twitter friends who I’ve never met in real life. (Actually, about 3 or 4.) I don’t have any GF friends where I live. My Twitter friends share tips and recipes through Twitter, but it would be so amazing to get together and do it for REAL!

  18. Christina Baxter-Perry says:

    If I could share a gluten free meal with anyone, my friend Sara and her family. Her daughter Lidia was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease last year (age 7) and had her whole world turned upside down, as a chef and cater I made it my mission to find gluten-free food that were good for her and tasted good, loved seeing her face when she got mac and cheese with Quintilla and her birthday cake… all gluten free… I love seeing the smile on her face enjoying foods a kid should…

  19. Robin Shamel says:

    I would share it with my family when we all get together on Christmas!

  20. Karin Goodman says:

    I would share it with my husband, kids and brother. My husband and oldest daughter do not have to eat gluten-free, but have been very supportive in my baking and cooking gluten free. Also my brother eats gluten free and he enjoys good food.

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