Joy Mission: Question #2

Your answers to yesterday’s Joy Mission question were so fun to read! Ready for Question #2? See below and enter your response with a comment. 10 more people will receive our Udi’s Holiday Essentials Kit from today’s question. Good luck! 
Question #2

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  1. Allison B. – I would invite all of my friends who think that all gluten free food tastes bad. Being in college it is hard to go out to eat with my friends so I would prove to them that this food really isn’t that bad and that you can make a healthy lifestyle out of it.
  2. Diana B. – My daughters. They have so many ailments that going gluten free would clear them up.
  3. Liz D. – I’ll be sharing GF Thanksgiving with my whole family…they can’t tell the difference!
  4. Stephanie S. – My celiac boyfriend Glen, and his son.
  5. Andrea D. – The judges from the Food Network competitions, so they can see that alternative cooking methods/ingredients are viable options and should be included with common recipes!
  6. Diane M. – I would share with my family, who has been so supportive of me since I’ve gone gluten-free!
  7. Susan B. – I want them all to see that it doesn’t have to be a huge undertaking.
  8. Pat C. – My mom, who I think is gluten intolerant but she refuses to believe it. I have two genes for gluten intolerance (one from her), and she was hospitalized last month after eating a loaf of a type of bread she hadn’t eaten for a while; she insists she has no problem with gluten!
  9. Troy C. – It would be with our Gram and grandson Charles in Oklahoma. Been a while since we’ve been able to break bread with them!
  10. Kim W. – I would love to share a gluten free meal with all of my family. They are in Oklahoma,Indianapolis,Kansas, Missouri, and Mexico!

1,368 responses to “Joy Mission: Question #2”

  1. Emily Rohme says:

    the needy/homeless because they are thankful for any type of food & this would be a healthy choice for them!

  2. Susan says:

    My family…to feel the difference after eating a GF meal.

  3. Julie Froelich says:

    all my family, fellow health nuts, and gluten free friends of course!!

  4. Maureen O'Neal says:

    The editors of Joy of Cooking, so they could se how good gluten free can be, and include it in their publications!

  5. Becky DoRan says:

    I would have to say my family, because teaching them what Gluten free means for my son has been very very hard. I’d like them to see that just because it’s GF it doesn’t mean it tastes funny weird, or is bad. Just new and different.

  6. tiffany says:

    My friend MaryJo because she eats gluten free and my husband also.I would tell him that its gluten free AFTER the meal & after he said it was delicious. If I told him before the meal he may say, that doesnt sound good.

  7. Debbie says:

    I would share the meal with my sisters who I don’t see often enough and who have been very supportive of my new Gluten Free life.

  8. JO says:

    I would want to share with the bakers at Udis because I am so grateful for their wonderful products, especially the breads!!

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