Joy Mission: Question #3

Do certain smells or foods ever remind you of childhood? We want to hear about it with today’s question. Leave your response as a comment and you could win one of 10 Udi’s Holiday Essentials Kits we’re giving away. Help spread the joy by telling your friends and family! 

Question #3

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  1. Janette C. – My grandmother’s homemade potato soup. It was and still is so yummy!
  2. John B. – I’m Greek, and my mother always made the most fantastic meals for Greek Easter–all the traditional dishes
  3. Mary P. – Thanksgiving was my favorite. My Grandmother had everyone over and she made everything from soup to dessert. She made the best Italian Sausage Stuffing in the world.
  4. Anne D. – My Mom would make creamy chicken and Mushroom crepes. They were insanely good!
  5. Monica C. – Living in Buffalo, NY….we have a General Mills factory. When they burn a batch of Cheerios, you can smell it all over the city. It smells like a fresh bowl of Cheerios. Cheerios was my favorite cereal as a kid.
  6. Megan F. – Cinnamon rolls from the can the pillsbury kind…they are soooo good and a sunday tradition…or were a sunday tradition 🙂
  7. Suzanne R. – Home made chicken noodle soup!
  8. Aaron A. – This question made me fondly remember a rice & cheese casserole my mom used to make for me. Kind of like Mac & Cheese for a celiac kid in the ’70s. It’s better in some ways.
  9. Angela J. – Tacos on homemade tortillas = yum!!
  10. Ivy G. – A leftover hodgepodge pasta primavera that my mom would throw together at the last minute. Not too high class but I would fish out all the broccoli.

666 responses to “Joy Mission: Question #3”

  1. Julie Froelich says:

    i remember meat loaf. and potatoes. lots of meat loaf… haha
    (maybe some gluten free bread crumbs would help?)

  2. Maureen O'Neal says:

    The whole family grinding leftover easter ham in an old grinding machine, with pickles, to make HAM SALAD!! lovely, AND fun!

  3. tiffany says:

    the smell of a sugar cone, my mom would pick me up early on Firdays from preschool and take me to baskin robbins for an ice cream cone

  4. Debbie says:

    Fried Chicken with mashed potato’s & gravy, peas.

  5. Kaylee says:

    My grandpa’s shrimp cakes straight from the hot oil. The smell still reminds me of dinner time in the Giese house.

  6. Jemelle Oneill says:

    Spaghetti and meatballs.

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