Joy Mission: Question #5

We realize maintaining a gluten free lifestyle can be tough. We hear from fans frequently about foods they really miss; now we want to hear from you! Comment below for a chance to win.
Question #5

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  1. Ann S. – Since it’s been 16 years since I have been GF ..and never cheated… I don’t really remember what gluten food taste like …But I think I would say my Moms fruitcake is what I would say ..I have tried to convert it to GF but it falls apart SO it’s not the same thing !!!
  2. Maria A. – PIZZA! all kinds of pizza!! and a Hardee’s egg & cheese biscuit 🙂
  3. Susan K. – cream puffs, pasta, garlic bread, Italian bread dipped in o/o &spices
  4. Cara A. – maple bars, corn dogs, and beer
  5. Marqel P. – Breakfast tacos and bean burritos with thick, fat, white flour tortillas! A random bowl of Barilla spaghetti with cream of chicken sauce! A wheat beer 🙂 and also pizza! oh pizza!
  6. Kate M. – We are all eating much healthier these days, and really love the packaged flour that makes life so much easier….we used Udi’s bread for stuffing last year and it was delicious! We even made gluten free lefse!
  7. Sara E. – My grandmother’s cottage pudding, a yummy plain cake made with a hot milk and roux batter.
  8. Paula M. – Kingcake!
  9. Ashley S. – It would be Christmas morning, and I’d wake up to the smell of my mom’s famous cinnamon rolls…
  10. Juliann P. – a big juicy hamburger on a big hamburger bun!

964 responses to “Joy Mission: Question #5”

  1. kevin howard says:

    I would eat a large pizza with everything on it and donuts

  2. Sandra says:

    Croissants, Ciabatta Rolls, French Baguette and Chicken McNuggets

  3. tiffany says:

    macaroni & cheese, a pretzel from the mall, Krispy Kreme doughnut, french bread, chocolate, and on and on and on

  4. Shawna R says:

    A big, fluffy buttermilk biscuit with BUTTER 🙂

  5. S Wisdom says:

    Real European French bread. The type that rips the roof of your mouth 🙂

  6. Jessica P says:


  7. Roseanne says:

    More PIZZA! That’s what I miss the most!

  8. Teresa Johnson says:

    Believe it or not nothing. My toddler is the one that can not eat gluten and right now he does not know any better. So I would never give him gluten even for a day because I don’t want him to miss something he can never have.

  9. Liz says:

    I would eat a real coconut cake (not a white cake with coconut on it) I’ve never had one and they are too involved for me to try to make one but the sound heavenly

  10. Karen says:

    My husband says he most misses hot Krispy Kreme donuts!

  11. Patricia says:

    Where do I start? Pancakes, twizzlers, my mom’s cinnamon rolls, sour dough bread, doughnuts, oh so many things.

  12. Cindy says:

    Brick oven pizza, a Maryland style crab cake, french toast, a Philly cheese steak and a CinnaBon! That oughta do it.

  13. Abby says:

    sooooo many cookies!!
    and cheeseburgers(:

  14. Danielle says:

    Greek style pizza & Italian Baked goods.

  15. Reese says:

    I would have a huge lunch and dinner that included linguine pasta, deep dish pizza, garlic breadsticks, and end with a delicious and moist lemon pound cake!!!

  16. Kayle McBride says:

    A subway sub with their white macadamia nut cookies. Devil’s food cake. Big chocolate glazed donut. A big bowl of FRUIT LOOPS and LUCKY CHARMS cereal. A whole box of POP TARTS, any flavor it don’t matter. DOMINOES pizza. A whole pizza pie in my face.

  17. Harry McBride III says:

    I would eat a huge foot long Philly on a super soft hoagie roll. A huge piece of red velvet cake with icing. A burrito with all the fixings on a wheat tortilla. Chase it all down with a huge can of FOSTERS beer.

  18. Nina says:

    Oh my gosh I would eat like crazy: pizza, italian bread, croissants, yummy chinese takeout, all sorts of donuts, bakery cookies & cakes, and pasta pasta pasta!

  19. Amy says:

    I would have a huge plate of baked ziti with lots of garlic bread on the side :0).

  20. April Morrison says:


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