Joy Mission: Question #6

Bobby Flay? Rachael Ray? Who would it be? Comment below for a chance to win 1 of 10 Udi’s Holiday Essentials Kits we’re giving away today. Good luck! 
Question #6

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  1. Carol B. – Lidia Bastianich…Even if I don’t think I’d like what she is cooking, she is always interesting and practical.
  2. Meghan M. – Paula Deen 🙂
  3. Karen D. – Carol Fenster–she’s a celebrity within the Celiac circles!
  4. Jodi G. – I would love to meet Guy Fieri and have him do a complete Diners, Drive ins and Dives show with all gluten free restraunts.
  5. Pamela K. – Definitely Curtis Stone.
  6. Joan T. – Not much into "celebrity chef’s"…just trying to do my best on a gluten free diet…my favorite CHEF is my husband!! He does all he can to help come up with new gluten free recipes.
  7. Erin W. – I would love to meet chef Curtis Stone and Jamie Oliver!! I love Curtis’s accent and Jamie is a great chef preventing childhood obesity.
  8. Tamber W. – I would like to meet Buddy Valastro from Cake Boss on TLC…Those cakes and treats look delicious…I bet he could come up with an amazing Gluten Free version!
  9. Sarah D. – The Iron Chef-BOBBY FLAY!! Love him and most of what he makes is naturally gluten free. Espcially on his show Boy mets Grill, it is usually meat, salad, and a fun drink!
  10. Tammy T. – I have two… Silvana, because her recipes were my introduction to gluten free cooking and eating. Her recipes along with Udi breads were my first gfree loves. The second would be Alton Brown. With my new interest in cooking from scratch I find his show both entertaining and informative.

901 responses to “Joy Mission: Question #6”

  1. Beverly says:

    Rachael Ray watch the show just wish she had GF meal day

  2. Traci Washburn says:

    Chef Ramsey, Curtis Stone (from Take Home Chef), and Rachel Ray.

  3. Maria says:

    Jamie Oliver

  4. Edna Westbrook says:

    Rachel Ray is my celebrity chef. She can put together such fabulous meals in 30 minutes and they taste GREAT!!!

  5. Marlynp says:

    Definitely…Paula Deen!!!!!!

  6. jackie wheeler says:

    I would love to meet the BAM! guy. I cant remember his name, but he is great. I would have said Julia Childs ….But, I do have her beautiful cook books!

  7. christine jessamine says:

    rachel ray! love her

  8. Kelly Paquette says:

    I would love to Meet Guy Fieri, so he can show me how to make awesome dinners that will Awe my husband.

  9. Julie Froelich says:

    Rachel Ray…. she could pull off gluten free. 😉

  10. Robin says:

    I would like to meet all of the cooks that put together those wonderful church cookbooks. The may not be a famous TV chef, but I’m sure they are famous among those that love them.

  11. Anna Bender says:

    Rachel Ray.She’s the least annoying of the whole lot. Not to say she isn’t annoying because she is, she’s just slightly less annoying than the others. (don’t get me started on paula deen and that guy that looks like an albino porcupine died on his head.)

  12. Dominica McCoy says:

    I would love to meet Bobby Flay and taste his delicious brunch burger.

  13. arlene a says:

    bobby flay:)

  14. Charlise G. says:

    I love Rachel Ray’s 30 minute meals! This is soooo important with a large hungry family! I have 4 boys and a hubby who I can’t feed fast enough!

  15. kalene gauthier says:

    Anthony Thomas because he specialized in gluten-free cooking or Iron Chef Morimoto,

  16. Cj Stern says:

    Giada De Laurentiis !! She is Fabulous & So Classy — even in the way she cooks & what she cooks !!

  17. Faith R. says:

    i would love to MEET Paula Dean, Rachel Ray but if i have to choose only ONE it would be Bobby Flay hands down!!!

  18. April Peveteaux says:

    Mark Bittman because his recipes are always perfect, and he seems like such a sensible dude. I’d love to have a cup of coffee with that guy and find out what makes him tick.

  19. Eric says:

    It’s gotta be Rachael Ray!

  20. Jennifer says:

    Robert Irvine

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