Udi's Ambassadors Fall Update!

The past few months, Udi’s Community Ambassadors have been busy spreading the joy to gluten-free communities all over the country. Our hard-working ambassadors attended over one hundred events ranging from vendor fairs to Celiac support group meetings and in-store demos to restaurant gluten-free events. I can talk about their experiences, but I figured it would mean more coming directly from them. Here are a few highlights from our very own ambassadors:

Udi's Gluten Free Ambassador

On October 1st I attended the Holistic Mothers Conference with fellow Ambassador Amy D. Anytime there is an event near me I’m willing to attend and let others know my love for Udi’s and support the Udi’s family. When I found out it was the Holistic Mothers Conference, I was more than excited. I try my hardest to have our family eat healthy and be as green as possible. This was a great event to share my story with other women as it pertains to eating gluten free. Also, it was great to see other women who eat gluten free for the same reason. Some had never tried Udi’s and were very satisfied with the samples. I love an event where my personal experience can help spread the joy of Udi’s and this was one of those events! – Kat K. in California

Udi's Gluten Free AmbassadorI have enjoyed being an Udi’s Ambassador at our local Celiac Support meetings! The people who have tried Udi’s are just so appreciative and the ones who have not are happy to try it! Our last meeting in September was a potluck. How wonderful for us to be able enjoy a meal where everything is gluten free! We even had sandwiches (made with Udi’s, of course)! For the most recent meeting, we are having a cookie exchange where everybody brings 2 dozen of their favorite GF cookies and the recipe and we all get to try them. Udi’s cookies are a fantastic choice; great taste without the mess! This is a great time to be a Celiac… so many choices! – Bev C. in Kansas

Phew! In September, I had TWO events at the same store! The first event went well. People sampled and then bought the products they tasted. The manager was dismayed to find the store out of cookies! The real highlight for me was when the UPS gentleman came into the store and sampled Udi’s. He said his wife and children both had Celiac Disease. After one bite, he called his wife immediately and told her about them. Needless to say, I sent him on his way with a number of samples for him to take to his family. After the success of that event, the manager asked me to come back for the Customer Appreciation Day, which is their largest event of the year. With over 200 people attending, there were lots of samples given out and the bread disappeared from the shelves in no time. What great people and what a great store! Aaron, the store manager, really feels that the town needs to continue to discover Udi’s great gluten free products. Thank you to Nature’s Cupboard in Michigan City, Indiana. – Janene G. in Indiana

Did you see our ambassadors this Fall? Share your stories!

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  1. Hilary Smith says:

    I make a ranch pasta salad with cucumbers, tomatoes and bacon that everyone loves and some didn’t even realize I had used rice pasta!

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