Joy Mission: Question #12

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Question #12

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  1. Lorraine B. – TOAST !! I love toast with butter and jam ! Udis bread gave me my first gluten free toast.
  2. Elissa H. – Winning one of the give aways from the Joy Mission Questions is my most favorite memory!!! Oh wait…that hasn’t happend yet…. But it is the season for dreaming 🙂 Here is to hoping it comes true!
  3. Debra G. – Biting into my first pnb sandwich that didn’t have to be toasted…it was amazing! 🙂
  4. Jordan C. – Stumbling onto Udi’s bread after messing around with all of the other less-quality brands for months. What a great day that was.
  5. Carolyn G. – My favorite Udi’s memory is the first time I tried the White Sandwich bread and realized that it gave me a sense or normalcy on this crazy, gluten free, ride. It was soooooo good.
  6. Amy J. – My favorite memory is this summer camping with family and friends and we made the "pies" over the fire in the cast iron pie plates. With my Udi’s bread I made a blueberry pie and we made pizza pies. YUMMO!!
  7. Kelly P. – When I served Udi’s bagel’s to my teen boy’s and they ate them up not realizeing they were GLUTEN FREE. HeHe.
  8. Robin M. – My best memory was my first bite of Udi’s white bread. I was at a friends house, she was serving up g.f. ziti for me and she had bought a loaf of Udi’s white bread, spread it with garlic butter and broiled it and it was delicious garlic bread just like the old days. Loved it!
  9. Bob H. – My first memory is my Udi’s bread toasted and slathered with butter and cinnamon sugar ! YUM !!!
  10. Kate R. – Turning my 2 Celiac sisters onto Udi’s. They live in San Diego and Udi’s wasn’t available there at the time. One of my sisters was visiting Denver and she bought ten bags of Udi’s bagels from Einsteins to bring home to San Diego! What a joy!

246 responses to “Joy Mission: Question #12”

  1. Dolores says:

    First tasting Udi’s bread!

  2. Kat says:

    Being able to eat a hamburger on a bun like a normal person again.

  3. Kimberly says:

    I remember finding Udi’s blueberry muffins for the first time. I bought them and and brought one for work the next day. I was able to sit at my desk and enjoy a muffin and a cup of coffee like all of my other coworkers! It was so nice to feel normal and have a delicious muffin at the same time!

  4. Gabriella says:

    My first bite of a warm fluffy Udi’s plain bagel… then slathering it with peanut butter and enjoying every moment of a joy I thought I had lost.

  5. Chris says:

    Just getting to eat real bread that tastes like bread again is a super treat.

  6. Carly says:

    The very first time I ate a sandwich on Udi’s whole grain bread. It was like eating real bread again!

  7. Annie P says:

    My favorite Udi’s memory was when I was first diagnosed and had been trying all kinds of gluten free breads which weighed a ton, tasted like cardboard, and were hard as rock. I was about to write off bread all together as another one of the many things I would no longer be able to eat. I’ll never forget trying Udi’s white sandwich bread for the first time. Absolutely amazing. It looked and tasted exactly like bread should. I had to read the package a few times just to be sure it was really gluten free. There is really no other gluten free bread like Udi’s. Thank you for bringing normal back into my diet.

  8. Jen says:

    Just discovering that you exist, really!

  9. Jessica A says:

    The bagels! Yum!

  10. Hugo Diaz says:

    a guy around my age came through my line while I was working as a cashier for Whole Foods Market, and he shared with me that he had just found out he was gluten intolerant but could not afford gluten free food because he was paying his way through college. I told him to wait a moment and ran back to the Udi’s refrigerated section and grabbed Udi’s gluten free chocolate chip cookies, and a bunch of my other favorite Udi’s products and gave it to him on the house. (as the WholeFoods 50$ sample limit allows) I was just happy to be able to share the Udi’s magic with him!

  11. Brenda R says:

    The Udi"s Lemon Muffins love them !!!!

  12. Anessa J says:

    Winning an Udi’s t-shirt at a GF food faire!

  13. Jordan says:

    When I discovered I could make PIZZA BAGLES with Udi’s gluten free bagels!!

  14. Denise EH says:

    Having my first, gluten-free sandwich on untoasted bread that tasted great, tasted like "normal" bread!

  15. Carolyn says:

    My favorite Udi’s memory is when I first tried the bread and realized I would not have to make bread anymore.
    My second favorite Udi’s memory is becoming an Udi’s Community Ambassador and sharing how good all of Udi’s products are with others.

  16. Becky Synan says:

    YAY!! I won’t be baking any more bricks, or bread that flops!

  17. Elizabeth W says:

    The bread.

  18. Elizabeth P. says:

    Finally finding gluten free bread for my boyfriend, he had really been missing grilled cheese sandwiches! And then I found out Udi’s gluten free bread tasted better than my bread with gluten!

  19. Justin says:

    Tasting their hot dog buns!

  20. Kristofer Shine says:

    THAT’S TOO DIFFICULT…I CAN’T CHOOSE JUST 1!!!! but i WOULD say the sandwich bread! my fav…hmmmm!

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