Announcing Our Video Contest Winners

Last month, we launched a video contest asking our social media fans to tell us how Udi’s Gluten Free Foods have changed their lives. Video submissions ranged from serious to funny to downright entertaining. We received a total of seventeen videos, but were only able to award five of them with prizes. Below are the winners’ videos, but to view all seventeen submissions, click here.

1. Best Overall Video: “How Mateo Got His Groove Back” by zombierobphotography
This video tells a wonderful story about a little boy named Mateo who got “his groove” back after switching to gluten free foods. Be sure to look for all of the Udi’s Gluten Free Foods cameo appearances.

2. Most Viewed Video: “Gluten Free/ New Year, New Car, New Job, New Foods” by TJKnowsThings
From an opinion about the Mayan calendar to thoughts on how Udi’s Gluten Free Foods can make you feel better about indulging, this video has it all. This entry had the most views out of all the other entries.

3. Best Product Feature: “My Udi’s New Year New You Story” by EZGlutenFree
Get ready for your mouth to water! This video shows many fantastic ways to use Udi’s Gluten Free products in recipes. This entry left us wanting more.

4. Funniest Video: “The Bread Crumb Diaries” by
Don’t be fooled by the serious intro! This video submission made us laugh out loud at how serious an Udi’s Gluten Free addiction can be.

5. Funniest Video: “One Last Piece” by
You probably noticed that this is the second“Funniest Video” we listed. Originally we had a “Best Music Video” award, but didn’t receive any submissions that fit the criteria. We were so torn between this video by SamLasky and the video above, that we decided to give away two “Funniest Video” awards. Enjoy.

Thanks to everyone who participated!

The contest may be over, but we still want to hear from you! Comment below with how Udi’s Gluten Free Foods have made a new you.

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