Announcing Our Newest Gluten Free Products

This past weekend, we attended the Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, California.  With over 58,000 professionals in the natural, organic, and healthy products industry who showcased their best products and introduced new ones, this was a great event for Udi’s to show what we’ve been cooking.

We introduced three new gluten free products that we know you will be excited about. Without further ado, here they are:

1. Vanilla Cupcakes
These moist, delicious vanilla cupcakes are so good, you won’t want to save them just for special occasions.  Add a little frosting or eat them right out of the package, either way they are a tasty treat that helps you stick to your gluten-free lifestyle. {Note: Frosting is not included}
Gluten Free Vanilla Cupcake

2. Classic French Dinner Rolls
Finally, dinner is complete. Our delicious Gluten Free Classic French Dinner Rolls are perfect for sharing at dinner with family or friends.  These delicious rolls rival any gluten containing roll.  They are so good, no one will know they are gluten free!
Gluten Free Classic French Dinner Rolls

3. Whole Grain Seeded Dinner Rolls
Our Gluten Free Whole Grain Seeded Dinner Rolls are just as delicious as our Classic French Dinner Rolls, they just happen to be more nutritious.  These rolls are loaded with healthy chia, sunflower, and flax seeds.
Gluten Free Whole Grain Seeded Dinner Rolls

4. Classic French Baguette
Family style dining just got better with our new Classic French Baguette. Break off a crusty slice, dip it in your favorite sauce, and savor the joy of this gluten free life.

Gluten Free Classic French Baguette

Are you ready to try our new products? Start looking for them this Summer at your local conventional or natural grocery store. In the meantime, tell us…

Which of these products are you most excited to try? Comment below.

362 responses to “Announcing Our Newest Gluten Free Products”

  1. krista says:

    Baguette! I don’t know how long it’s been since I was able to eat that amazing type of bread. I mean, cupcakes are easy to make, rolls are a little harder, but a nice, crusty/soft gluten-free baguette is near-impossible!! I’m so excited to try it… and the others. 🙂
    I also think it would be amazing to have a crossant, like others mentioned.

  2. Melissa Hayduscko says:

    I am always happy to try all your products. The bread you make is wonderful and the only one I buy. I have wasted many $$$ on others that were no as good. Keep up the good work!

  3. JD says:

    Can’t wait for the dinner rolls!! Yeah, yeah UDI’s !!

  4. Lorrie G. says:

    I cannont wait to try the baguettes and french rolls. I hope our Kroger store and Whole Foods decide to stock these products. THANK YOU!

  5. Heather says:

    I can wait to try the Classic French Baguett!!! I have really wanted to make a real Sub Sandwich and these look like they would work for that purpose. My husband suffers from Hemochromatosis (iron overload) and I have a wheat intolerance, so together we spend $100’s of dollars on GF products a month. We are now expecting a baby and I’ve been able to satisfy my cravings with Udi products like Udi Blueberry Muffins and Udi hamburger rolls. I WISH Udi could come out with those big Soft Pretzels. I’ve been really wanting one for years. : )

    The cost is hard to swallow and we usually wait for sales to purchase our favorites in bulk. I agree with the person who asked about bulk sales, it would be wonderful. I would buy these items by the case if they were available. Perhaps direct sales through a website? Thanks again for making our gluten free life bearable.

  6. Patricia Koester says:

    Hi! 🙂
    Could you please send me some coupons for the Udi’s bread? thank you so much,
    Patricia Koester

  7. Karen Z says:

    I was quite ill after a decade of chronic GI symptoms. Finally, after being diagnosed with FRUCTOSE MALABSORPTION and being put on the low FODMAP diet I have gotten back my life. IHowever, I am no longer able to eat many good foods including wheat, multiple fruits and vegetables, juice, onion, garlic, just to mention a few. The comprehensive list of foods I must avoid is long so I am finding the diet very restrictive. I stick with it because I feel so much better eliminating FODMAPS from my diet. My nutritionist recommended Udi’s White Sandwich Bread and Udi’s Pizza Crusts as FODMAP friendly items and they have been a wonderful addition to my meals. Please ask your test kitchens to think about us folks with FRUCTOSE MALABSORPTION when developing new products. We need quality products that avoid FODMAPS in order to keep healthy in the same way that celiacs need gluetin free products to keep healthy.

    Would you let me know if Udi’s is aware of FRUCTOSE MALABSORPTION and the dietary needs of those people who have it? Many thanks!

  8. Kisa says:

    Oh French rolls and baguette! How exciting! Do you think you would ever be able to make Gluten-free Filo dough? I’ve seen recipes, but would love to see a company be able to do it with the proper machinery to make it actually thin.

    By the way, I LOVE your white sandwich bread! It’s the only bread I’ve tried so far that actually has the texture of bread like I am used to!

  9. Judith Hartwigs says:

    Will try all the rolls and bread. The rolls sound really exciting. And I love your blueberry muffins. I’m going to tell my daughter about the new products, as she’s gluten intolerate, too. She’ll be really happy to have rolls. One thing – I wish you would use a different oil than canola. I know it’s considered good, but I have talked with 3 nutritionists who say it’s not.

    • krista says:

      I neither agree nor disagree with your statement about canola oil. However, “Nutritionist” is just a fancy-sounding title that means nothing more than “someone who’s interested in nutrition.” What you want to look for is a “Registered Dietitian.” This is the only official title for a professional.

  10. Jim Tennant says:

    So when will they be available in Canada? I can’t wait, almost everything I have had from UDI’s has been terrific!

  11. Can’t wait to sample all of these products. Thanks for making gluten free tasty!

  12. Sue Seward says:

    Looking forward to the new Udi’s Gluten Free products that actually taste like Bread but so much better for you!!

  13. Mary says:

    I would love to try the whole grain seeded dinner rolls. They look delicious!

  14. Elena says:

    Absolutely, the french dinner roll. Merci, Udi’s!

  15. David says:

    I hope our local stores get them all. I can’t wait to try them!!

  16. Reva says:

    the whole grain dinner rolls! woot!

  17. Diane DP says:

    I am looking forward most to the baquettes but will try them all. Since I found Udi’s – no other products taste quite the same. My favorite is Millet-Chia. I order a case when I get low. It is awesome!!!!
    The snickerdoodles are just like the ones I used to bake.

  18. Mary says:

    Love all of your products…..can’t wait to try the all new ones.

  19. Joanne's Gluten Free Goodies says:

    Thank you for making such delicious breads! I am a Gluten free baker-baking cookies & sweet treats. I have no interest in baking bread or rolls and until I tried yours I was “bread free”, never finding one I liked. Can’t wait to try your French dinner rolls.

    Thanks again, Joanne

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