5 Gluten Free Recipes for Passover

Of all the holidays celebrated, Passover may be one of the easiest for those eating gluten free. Why? During the eight days of Passover, those who observe tradition do not eat any regular breads or baked goods. Wheat, oats, barley, rye, and spelt are forbidden, with the exception of matzo, which is made with flour and water. 1

I have had the pleasure of attending multiple Passover Seder dinners and am always intrigued by the important role food plays in this tradition. One of my favorite memories comes from the Maror (or bitter herbs) part of a Seder I attended about five years ago. The person in charge of grocery shopping for the event picked up horseradish (or so she thought) to represent the bitter herbs. As each of us took a bite, we quickly realized she had purchased atomic horseradish! Our eyes were watering from the heat burning through our noses, but we laughed our way through it.

If you are interested in hosting your own gluten free Passover Seder, or just want to try a few traditional Passover dishes, check out these gluten free recipes from around the web.

1. Gluten Free Matzo
Matzo is the unleavened bread allowed during Passover, but it is typically made with non-gluten free flours. Jules Gluten Free has created a gluten free version that only takes 20 minutes from start to finish.  Plus, this recipe post includes some interesting history on matzo.

Gluten Free Matzo

2.  Matzo Ball Soup
This Passover classic is comfort food at its best. Traditionally this recipe contains wheat (from the matzo), but in this version (called Potato Knaidelach) from The Shiksa in the Kitchen, potato dumplings are used instead to make it gluten free.

Gluten Free Matzo Ball Soup

3. Braised Brisket
Brisket is a traditional main dish for Passover meals. According to the author of this recipe, it tastes better the day after you cook it!

4. Carrot Kugel
What is a kugel? According to Wikipedia, it’s a baked Jewish pudding or casserole that is served as a side dish. Try this carrot kugel recipe from Elana’s pantry for your Passover table.

Carrot Kugel

5. Chocolate Rolled Angel Cake
The best way to end a Passover Seder is with a dessert everyone will be talking about. This chocolate rolled angel cake from Gluten Free Canteen fits that bill! With chocolate, raspberry, and espresso flavors it will go great with a cup of coffee.

Gluten Free Rolled Chocolate Cake

Have your own favorite Passover recipes? Share them below in the comment section.

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One response to “5 Gluten Free Recipes for Passover”

  1. kjerstiye says:

    GF lemon macaroons made with almond meal! My favourite passover treat!

    ….now if I could just find a reasonable GF challah recipe!

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