5 Ideas for Using Udi’s New Gluten Free Baguettes

by Megan

Get excited!!! In early October you can start scouring your local grocery stores for our NEW- Udi’s Gluten-Free French Baguettes! To ensure that our baguettes are as fresh as possible we chose not to slice them. But…any way you slice it, we are sure you will love them!

To help introduce this amazing new item we thought we’d share some meal ideas and yummy recipes. Feel free to use your imagination and add your own unique spin to our suggestions!

5 Fresh Ways to Use Our New French Baguettes:

Sub Sandwiches

We know our fans have been using our hot dog buns to make subs! While we praise the innovation, we thought a baguette might make life a little easier! Use our baguettes with virtually any sub sandwich, especially the heavier varieties that require denser, crustier bread. Our Meatball Kale Sub looks and tastes pretty awesome on our hamburger buns…but why not revisit the recipe and try it on our new baguettes! We think you’ll be very pleased!

Go full-blown Italian, or just dip it!

When’s the last time you enjoyed French bread warm from the oven? Now you can pair our new baguettes with a bowl of gluten free spaghetti for an authentic Italian meal! Who thought THAT would be possible? Or, try dipping it in your favorite soup or stew! We’re bringing comfort back – gluten free style!

We talked about subs, what about Panini’s?

Hot of the press! Our baguette breads are perfect for Panini’s – rich and hearty –great for grilling your sandwich to perfection. We think our Prosciutto Ricotta Paninirecipe just got even better!

Keep it simple

Sometimes it’s nice to just enjoy a fresh baguette without out too many distractions. Try our gluten free baguette while it’s still slightly warm with some soft, ripe French cheese (maybe Camembert or Brie), and a glass of red wine!

Bruschetta Appetizer

One of the first appetizers that came to mind when thinking of French Baguettes is Bruschetta! Now you can use our gluten-free baguettes to create this wonderful Italian antipasto to enjoy with your friends! Create your own bruschetta recipe or try our Gluten-Free Bruschetta w/ Rosemary, Roasted Plum Tomatoes, Ricotta, and Prosciutto, simply substitute our new baguette for the pizza crust.

31 responses to “5 Ideas for Using Udi’s New Gluten Free Baguettes”

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  2. Karen says:

    Will the baguettes be in the frozen section along with the regular Udi bread?

  3. Marci Coleman says:

    I use the bread to make panzanella salad, a traditional Italian peasant salad with tomatoes and toasted bread cubes. Add a dash of olive oil, balsamic vinegar and fresh ground pepper.

  4. Patricia says:

    Oh warm bread with a glass of red wine, now your talking.

  5. Patricia says:

    Will these be available in the Amarillo TX area. Would love to make pizza bread with these. Slice lengthwise put sauce, cheese on and broil. YUM please tell me I can find these close by.

  6. Jan says:

    How Great! It is getting easier and easier to serve delicious meals to friends! Eager to try…

  7. Donna says:

    I would like to know where I can get Udi Products.

  8. Julie Schuele says:


  9. Cynthia Clark says:

    I hope we are getting these at Meijer in Norton Shores, MI. They look so good!

  10. Angela Saban says:

    Best I have had in 20 years of being gluten free, I could eat it every day! Thank you!

  11. Sarah Lehman says:

    What about making some gf garlic bread?

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