Surviving Thanksgiving Gluten-Free; Tips & Tricks to Make this Turkey Day Safe & Delicious


By: Suzanne W.


Thanksgiving is mere weeks away and we know this particular holiday can bring a certain level of anxiety to those living a gluten free lifestyle. However, we strongly believe that this day of feasting should be delectable, stress-free, and memorable (in a good way) for everyone invited!


You’re probably aware that gluten can lurk in some of the most unsuspecting places. To ensure that every morsel of your turkey-day feast is safe to be devoured, we’ve collected some important tips & tricks to help you get through the only national holiday revolving solely around food…


The Turkey

  • Make sure to purchase a 100% gluten-free turkey. Many frozen birds have been injected with gluten-filled liquids to ensure they stay moist when thawed out.
  • We recommend selecting a free-range turkey to ensure its 100% gluten free (and extra delicious).
  • To avoid reaching for the gravy (often full of gluten) try brining your turkey. This will result in the juiciest turkey you’ve ever tasted.



  • ONLY have gluten-free stuffing at the dinner table. This will avoid any cross-contamination via utensils or accidental dish confusion.
  • Luckily there are numerous delicious gluten-free stuffing recipes floating around so consider making more than one variety to give your guests options.


Marinades, broth, sauce, gravy and bouillon

  • Many sauces and marinades tend to use wheat or barley in flavors and seasonings. Make sure to read the ingredients and you may want to avoid the seasoning or gravy packet all together.
  • Be careful: Many bouillon cubes also contain wheat or gluten, so make sure to use only gluten-free bouillon cubes.
  • To make gluten free gravy from scratch you’ll want to use gluten free flours such as sorghum or sweet rice flour. You can also thicken homemade gravy with corn starch or arrowroot flour.
  • Most pre-made cranberry sauce options are gluten-free. However, some can contain preservatives that include gluten so always double check the label. To be a 100% safe opt to make your own version from scratch!


Side Dishes & Dessert

  • Many vegetable side dishes are naturally gluten-free. Increase the nutritious factor in this year’s spread by trying recipes that use fennel, Brussels sprouts, pumpkin, parsnips, broccoli, and other seasonal veggies.
  • If your guests brought additional (gluten-filled) side dishes to contribute to the meal, make sure to label all gluten-free items and keep them in separate serving areas.
  • There are numerous great gluten-free pasta options if you want to serve macaroni and cheese or other pasta dishes.
  • No Thanksgiving is complete without Pumpkin Pie! However, gluten is usually lurking in that delectable crust. For a GF pie crust use Gluten-Free Gingersnap cookies, Gluten-Free Pantry Pie Crust mix, or make your own from scratch. You can also avoid crust all together and bake your pie filling in an oblong cake pan by itself. It’s still delicious, lower in calories, and completely gluten-free!

Hopefully these tips will get you on your way to planning your unforgettable 2012 Gluten Free Thanksgiving feast. Check back soon for additional Thanksgiving recipes that will fill your stomach and warm your soul!


Do you have any additional tips & tricks to make this year’s Thanksgiving a gluten-free safe zone?


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  1. Hillary says:


    We’re making stuff mushrooms for a appetizer. You need mushrooms, salami, parmesean, chopped onions, ketchup. They are delish and GF!!

  2. Arlene says:

    Anyone have a great gluten free appetizer recipe?

  3. Andrew Pelt says:

    Sell Krugerrands Boston

  4. Jan says:

    Thanks for the comments! Very helpful.

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