Easy (and Fun!) Ways to Give your Daily Routine a Healthy Boost

By: Katie L. – Udi’s Outreach Coordinator


If you’re like me, your day is so full of work and family that you can hardly find time to make a healthy meal, much less get a good work out in!  Here are some tips that I use to give my routine a more active, healthy boost.



We can all use a little more activity in our lives, and these are some of the easiest changes you can make that will have the biggest impact.

  • Take the stairs, not the elevator.  Sure it might take 1 or 2 extra minutes, but you can certainly spare that, right?
  • Park in the first parking spot you see, rather than the one closest to the door.
  • Use an exercise ball instead of an office chair.  This is what the Udi’s crew does, and on any given day, you can walk by our offices to see us all bouncing up and down and stretching.
  • Grab some of these handy ankle weights for walking the dog in the morning.
  • Bike to work. If you have a safe bike path to your work, this is a great way to add exercise and fresh air to your morning and afternoon routine.
  • Go for a walk/run during your lunch break. Grab a coworker or two and explore your office’s neighborhood on a walk or run. This is a great way to get your body moving and clear your head. You’ll approach the afternoon reinvigorated and energized!



Being gluten free, we’re all pretty good at watching what we eat – but there are always things we can improve! By following these simple tips, you’ll be making small changes that can lead to some great big health improvements.

  • Make healthy smoothies ahead of time and freeze them.  My favorites usually have kale, pineapple, green apple, and ginger root in them, along with a good dose of unflavored protein powder.  Vega makes a variety of GF options.
  • Switch your traditional spreads to healthier, plant-based options, such as Daiya’s new Cream Cheese Style Spread or Earth Balance’s absolutely delicious Organic Sweet Cinnamon Spread.
  • Change your cooking oils and sprays to something more heart-healthy, like olive oil or olive oil blends (try the Smart Balance Cooking Oil, it’s wonderful!)
  • Snack right!  Clean out your pantry of unhealthy snacks and donate any unopened ones to your local food bank.  Then, stock up on the good stuff like baby carrots, celery, sugar snap peas, and tons of fruit.  My favorite snacks are usually fruit, cheese, and GF crackers.  Maybe even be adventurous and try some of those kale chips that everyone is raving about!
  • You should still let yourself indulge once in a while though, so you don’t end up binging later.  My mantra is “everything in moderation.”  Except gluten, of course 🙂  (Might I suggest this recipe for Ice Cream Sandwiches when you want to indulge?  Yum!)

What are your favorite ways to give your daily routine a healthy boost?





14 responses to “Easy (and Fun!) Ways to Give your Daily Routine a Healthy Boost”

  1. Jacqueline says:

    Why do you not have coupons available for the consumer. I have to purchase many many of your products and since I am on a fixed income it is extremely difficult to obtain items my granddaughter needs, or your products are very expensive.

  2. thank you for all your great products, wish you could get Price chopper to carry a lot more of your products! love the pecan maple coookies……Love them

  3. To add a bit more, as someone who is gluten intolerant, a certified fitness instructor for older adults, and author of a new book with information on fitness over 50 (Staying Power: Age-Proof Your Home for Comfort, Safety and Style), I hope that through good public information that older adults can learn how to develop SAFE fitness routines and prevent the discouraging cycle of injury and recovery that keeps so many people from optimal health.

  4. Thanks for the simple tips, especially freezing smoothies ahead of time. Just one caution for your readers: Exercise specialists caution people against walking with ankle weights. It throws people off balance, increasing the risk of a fall, and strains the wrong muscles. Use of ankle weights should be restricted to stationery exercises that strengthen the upper leg muscles, such as seated leg extensions and hamstring curls. Thanks.

  5. mary says:

    Our Walmarts still do not have Udi’s gluten free products.

  6. A Ward says:

    It might be more helpful if you didn’t use a picture of such a very skinny (maybe anorexic) model.

  7. JanPattersonRN says:

    Even with my arthritic knees and ankles, I park a little further away, or take the stairs up [down is problematic at the moment]. I love Anat Baniel Method form of brain-body work for keeping my body flexible and my brain plastic. & maybe THIS year I can talk my landlord into letting me have the sunny spots in the winter yard for some container gardening & winter veggies!

  8. Jay Kennard says:

    Please don’t clean your house of junk food and donate it all to the food bank. There are many less-fortunate Celiacs, overweight individuals, and people with other allergies that need good food too. Take the time to donate good, healthy, local food, some money, or your time to your local food bank.

  9. Patricia says:

    Great tips! Thanks for sharing. And thanks for making the BEST gluten free bread on the market!! Love your products!!!

  10. Janet says:

    The recipe for Snickerdoodle ice cream sandwiches mentions Snickerdoodles in the title and the ingredients, but then mentions using chocolate chia muffins to hold the ice cream. I assume that the crunched Snickerdoodles go into the ice cream. Is that correct?

  11. Ster Julie says:

    My problem is finding something that is gluten free AND no sugar added!

    That being said, a friend of mine is adapting various recipes for me. I have found that GF/SF cupcakes are usually dry–especially since I’m the only one eating them, so they last a bit. We experimented with poking hole with a straw into a chocolate cupcake then pouring diet cherry gelatin on top. Once they set–YUM!

  12. Sally Allen-Smith says:

    Katie L.
    You should check your sources. Ankle weights worn while walking (as in walking the dog in your list of tips) is a sure way to cause or exacerbate a knee injury. You are welcome. I love Udi’s, but this is bad advice.

  13. Jake says:

    Speaking of protein: I’ve noticed the Granola Bars, but do you also offer bars with 10 grams of protein and more?

  14. Thanks…you guys rock, and this is what is going to put y’all way out in front of everyone else (aka your competition)!!

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