Don’t Feel Like Cooking? Try These Gluten Free Restaurants!

By: Suzanne Wolke

We’ve all been there. Whether it’s date night, the girls are getting together, or you simply don’t feel like cooking tonight, the search for restaurants with (edible) gluten free options commences. Not only do you want to verify they have something for you to eat besides a measly piece of lettuce, you also want to ensure that they staff knows how to avoid any possible cross- contamination and safely handle your food.


But fear not! Thankfully countless culinary establishments throughout the country now do offer more and more delicious gluten-free dishes that are worthy of your distinguished palate and are safe to eat. Although, we didn’t have room to list them all, below are just a few of our suggestions for your next night out.


Remember, even though menu items are listed as gluten free, always ask how they are prepared and if they are safe for those with Celiac Disease. In addition, before you make the trip to any of the restaurants we’ve mentioned, please take a moment to read our previous blog post on Dining Out While Gluten Free. It’s full of helpful tips & tricks to make sure your experience is a pleasant one.


Don’t forget to add your own favorite gluten free restaurants in the comments below!


Beau Jo’s Pizza

Bea Jo’s is a Colorado favorite and well known for its decadent pizzas and fresh, high-quality ingredients. They take their gluten free menu very seriously and even have published their Gluten Free Philosophy on their website. Due to lifelong friendships with several people that are gluten intolerant, Beau Jo’s has become a pro in handling gluten free dishes, which they are confident are 100% safe (and delicious). Their gluten free pizzas, sandwiches, appetizers, and desserts are all prepared off site to their specifications and they have strictly followed procedures for preparation. Find a location near you here.


Red Robin

A great example of how larger chains are starting to accommodate the gluten free demand, Red Robin offers a fairly extensive gluten free menu that includes Udi’s Gluten Free buns as a substitution for their burgers and sandwiches. Many celiac bloggers (and friends) have been very complimentary about Red Robin’s gluten free options and applauded their separate fryers and color coded food baskets. However, even Red Robin still includes a mandatory disclaimer that there is no 100% guarantee there has not been contact in their kitchen with possible gluten-containing equipment so make sure to talk to you server before you order.


Donatos Pizzas Subs & Salads

Donatos recently launched their new gluten free pizza line in Central Ohio (with more locations coming soon). Using Udi’s Gluten Free pizza crust, they actually offer two different gluten free options. You can either create your favorite Donatos Pizza on a gluten free crust in the restaurant or enjoy their Certified Gluten-Free Take & Bake Pizza at home. For anyone with Celiac Disease, Donatos recommends their certified take & bake pizzas because they are made in a certified gluten-free facility to be baked in your own home, worry free.  The pizzas made on gluten-free curst in their restaurants are prepared in a common kitchen alongside items containing gluten.  Learn more about their complete gluten free menu here.


Burger Lounge

If you’re in the California area and craving a grass-fed burger, Burger Lounge’s Gluten Free Menu is a great option. They have delicious beef and turkey burgers that they’ll serve either on an Udi’s Gluten Free bun or in a lettuce wrap. Not in the mood for a burger? Try their vegetable or quinoa salad. They do have a disclaimer that they cannot guarantee with 100% certainty that cross-contact between ingredients will not occur so if you’re Celiac you’ll want to call your location and talk to the staff to see if it’s safe for you.


Johnny Carino’s

If you’re craving some Italian, Johnny Carino’s is definitely a great option. They have an extensive gluten free menu, including soups, salads, pastas, and countless mouthwatering entrees. They have also recently started using Udi’s Gluten Free Pizza Crust for their pizza option. For those with additional food sensitivities, you can find their Food Allergen Guide here.


Jason’s Deli

An advocate of fresh food and natural ingredients, Jason’s Deli has always been a leader in healthy food options. They have a separate Gluten-Sensitive Menu that includes soups, salads, potatoes, and build-your-own sandwiches that are served on Udi’s Gluten Free bread.  However, Jason’s Deli does have a disclaimer that does not recommend their GF menu for people with Celiac Disease.  Since their foods are prepared in a common kitchen they cannot guarantee that cross-contact with other gluten-containing products will not occur. Their gluten-free offerings are designed for those with minor gluten sensitivities or those who prefer to avoid gluten for nutritional reasons.


P.F. Chang’s

If you’re craving a Asian, many in the gluten free community would recommend P.F. Chang’s as a safe restaurant to enjoy a meal. They too have a separate Gluten Free Menu that is quite extensive. All gluten free items are served on a special plate and the staff is well trained on handling special dietary needs and food allergies. They do prepare items containing gluten in their kitchens so make sure to talk to your waiter to ensure they will separate your dish to avoid cross contamination.

Don’t forget to add your own favorite gluten free restaurants in the comments below!




149 responses to “Don’t Feel Like Cooking? Try These Gluten Free Restaurants!”

  1. Dianne A says:

    Mother’s Markets have a little restaurant with GF choices, but you have to be really vigilant. Twice when I ordered my avocado sandwich from the GF menu, they brought it on 9-grain bread. One time, the waitress was apologetic, and had the order remade. The other one rolled her eyes like I was just trying to make her life difficult. When that happens – and it will – make sure you report it to the manager.

  2. Melissa says:

    I just LOVE Red Robin!! I ALWAYS get my burgers lettuce wrapped, so no issues with a wrong bun. Turns out I actually prefer a lettuce-wrapped burger over a bun anyway 🙂

  3. LMO says:

    San Diego County Affordable Ethnic Cuisine

    Piatti (Italian)- La Jolla
    Supannee Thai- Point Loma
    OB Noodle House (Vietnamese)- Ocean Beach
    Aqui es Texacoco- Mexican (lamb)- Chula Vista

  4. Tracey says:

    THAT burger in Georgia off of Howell Mill road is all about gluten free and no cross contamination.

  5. Marianne says:

    Burtons Grill – DELICIOUS!

  6. Kate says:

    Truly Free in Baton Rouge, LA is outstanding. And, they will make pizzas for you to take and bake as well as offering a good menu. Their turkey tacos are outstanding. They’re fully GF and lactose-free so there’s no chance of cross contamination.

  7. Breanna says:

    “If you’re craving a Asian” hahaha

  8. Lindsay says:

    The entire kitchen at Shine Restaurant in Boulder, CO is completely gluten free. So those with Celiac or intolerance can eat with no fear of cross contact. And they have a gluten free beer on tap!

  9. Ster Julie says:

    Try Paisano’s in Albuquerque. The owner’s daughter has Celiac, so they understand GF! Great food, great bread, great desserts!

    1935 Eubank NE
    Albuquerque, NM 87112

  10. Rick Raney says:

    Woo-hoo, thanks Connie! I’ve been looking for G-F restaurants near Bastrop, TX! Now if only I can find a beer that I like. Omission is not G-F enough for me, and Bud’s Redbridge is pretty awful after the 2nd one.

  11. lunaKM says:

    Outback Steakhouse has a fantastic GF menu and the cooks know how to prepare things safely and answered all of my questions.

  12. Jen Fisher says:

    Not Your Average Joe’s
    Macaroni Grill

  13. Lucy says:

    In Denver Vesta Dipping Grill is amazing – they have both a Celiac menu as well as a gluten sentitive menu. The first time we had mussels there they brought with it wonderful Udi’s toasted whole grain bread!! I hadn’t had bread in the longest time and just ate it all!!! 🙂

  14. Carrie says:

    Gluten Free Menu means nothing~ What about CROSS CONTAMINATION? I was sick for two weeks following a visit to Red Robin. They brought my food on a regular wheat but..and I specifically told them when they took it back that they cannot change the meat over to a gluten free bun. Waiter said he told the cook…then I paid the price. NOBODY hardly knows a thing about serving people with allergies..and you are taking your life into your own hands when you expect to just be sitting down to enjoy time and meal with friends.

  15. John Hatton says:

    Equlibrium – gluten-free, vegan restaurant in Brattleboro, Vermont. Very tasty food!

  16. Kathleen says:

    In Central MA area:
    The Boynton
    Thai House
    Depot Square Deli
    Wild Willy’s

  17. Sue says:

    Biaggi’s has the best Gluten-free menu in town. If you like Salmon, there’s none better.

  18. Ines says:

    Try Mellow Mushroom, I love their gluten free pizza

    • JudyKay says:

      Salads are not always safe. I’ve found that some bagged salads have preservatives on them that will cause celiac to “flare” it’s ugliness. I always request fresh cut. Then there is the waitress that picks the croutons off the salad. : ( Most waitresses/chefs don’t understand how sensitive we are and how sick we can get.

  19. Connie Burns says:

    Don’t be afraid to ask questions at any restaurant you might go into. When in doubt…I choose to order a salad.

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