Making Your Dorm Room GF Friendly

By: Katie Lampkin, Udi’s Outreach Coordinator and resident office Celiac


You’ve already done your research on which colleges have the best gluten-free accommodations (Right?  If not, see our blog post here), but now it’s time to take the next step and ensure that your dorm room is GF-friendly as well!


Now, you might luck out and get a GF roommate, but just in case you don’t, it’s very important to explain to them why and how to prevent cross-contamination.  It’s never too late to have this conversation, but it would be ideal if you could talk about this before either of you even move in. You may also want to download the NFCA’s guide for “Navigating the Gluten Free Diet in College” to help you prepare for your gluten free experience away from home.

Then, once you’ve talked and your roommate is on board, follow these 6 easy steps to ensuring your room remains a safe, GF-friendly haven:

  1. Set aside a separate area in your room for your GF food.  It can be in your closet, under your bed or anywhere there’s space.  You can also set aside a shelf in your mini-fridge just for GF foods.
  2. Get your own set of dishes and utensils, and keep them CC-free by either labeling them or getting a distinctive pattern different from your roommate’s.
  3. Keep a separate set of cleaning and disinfecting items just for you.  You’ll need a separate sponge and dish soap as well as a container to keep them in, and also a good supply of disinfectant wipes.  You can keep these items in a plastic container either on a shelf or under your bed.
  4. Get your own toaster, or invest in toaster bags.
  5. Always cover your dishes when putting them in the microwave, and wipe out the microwave with disinfectant wipes frequently.  Clean up any unintended food explosions right away.
  6. Take a look at our favorite “Microwave Friendly Recipes” that are especially handy in case of a “crisis” such as necessary nourishment during a midnight study break, or winter days when you are virtually snowed in. Don’t underestimate the power of the microwave…


Do you have any other tips on how to make a dorm room gluten-free friendly?



2 responses to “Making Your Dorm Room GF Friendly”

  1. Bryan says:

    Very nice an interesting blog. I am sharing this site with my teenage daughter who is in school. Thanks

  2. Tara Marshall says:

    Crockpots, electric teapots, and toaster ovens are wonderful if allowed by the dorm. I love my crockpot chiles, and when I come home from work to a hot GF dinner.

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