Smells Like Clean Spirit – 5 Tips to Rid Your Hands From Garlic & Onion Smell

By: Mariah K.

Nothing adds a kick to your meal quite like garlic or onion. They’re both great meal enhancers and hard to avoid when you’re making either breakfast, lunch or dinner! The only problem with these tasty tools is their smells tend to linger.  While few things smell better than onion or garlic sizzling away in a skillet, we’re not exactly thrilled when our hands retain the stench.  Here are our best tricks to keep your handshakes so fresh and so clean, clean!



  1. Stainless Steel – Wash your hands under cold water and rub them with any stainless steel item, for example a knife or spoon, and you will be rid of even the most stubborn smells. It’s hard to believe something this simple can succeed where soap and a little elbow grease fail, but it’s true, give it a shot next time you chop up onions for a salad!
  2. Lemon or Lime Juice – Pour some lemon or lime juice in a bowl and let your hands soak in it for 3 minutes. The juice gets rid of the onion odor and as a bonus leaves your hands smelling citrus fresh! (If you prefer minty fresh, you can try the same trick with mouthwash!)
  3. Tomato Juice – If you’ve ever been unlucky enough to get sprayed by a skunk you know this trick works! Dip your hands in tomato juice for at least five minutes then wash your hands with liquid detergent.
  4. Peanut Butter – Rub your hands with peanut butter. It may leave them a little greasy but the peanut butter absorbs the onion smell and you can wash off the peanut butter smell with soap and water leaving your hands smelling neutral. If you have a peanut allergy you can substitute the peanut butter for toothpaste!
  5.  Peel an Orange – Dig your nails in and don’t be afraid to get in there! Rub the orange flesh against your skin for about 2 minutes then wash your hands with soap and water to keep them from getting sticky. The orange should get rid of the onion smell and leave your hands smelling like citrus!


What are your home remedies for making nasty smells disappear from your hands?



One response to “Smells Like Clean Spirit – 5 Tips to Rid Your Hands From Garlic & Onion Smell”

  1. Ann Conroy says:

    It’s not the smells on the hands that worry me – it’s the smell on the breath when I’ve eaten them!

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