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post I have been gluten free for about 6 years and have not found a decent bread, until now! Honestly, I was not optomistic about Udi’s products when someone recommended them to me but I thought I would give it a ...   Read more »

post I love your food. Since finding out I was allergic to gluten 20 months ago, I have tried several pre-packaged products. The first product I tried was the pizza crust and was thilled!! It tasted great. The I tried the ...   Read more »

post When I found I had Celiac, all I could think of were the many things I could not have. No bread, crackers, cupcakes, or bagels. How could life go on? Gradually, I learned how to cook with rice instead of ...   Read more »

post 11/22/10 Greener Pastures for the Gluten Free Green Monster I knew something was wrong with the Gluten Free Green Monster (aka my work suitcase) as I was packing up for the American Dietetic Association Food, Nutrition Conference and Expo in ...   Read more »

post Pairing gluten free food and wine around the holidays is a great way to experience new wines and impress your guests at the same time. All wines are different in the way that they hit your nose and your palate ...   Read more »

post Thanks to Lisa from “Lisa Cooks Allergen Free” and Udi’s Gluten Free Foods two people with gluten intolerances were able to have a completely gluten-free wedding, and get this: their guests couldn’t even tell the gluten forgot to RSVP. Two specialties ...   Read more »

post I find few things in life more satisfying than a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Soft, hearty, chewy bread slathered in salty peanut butter and kissed with sweet jam. It screams childhood, comfort, freedom. But for someone with celiac disease, ...   Read more »

post My two daughters, now aged 18 and 14, and I (43) were all diagnosed with Celiac a little over two years ago. We cook at home all the time, so we thought the transition to gluten free would be easy. ...   Read more »

post Last Summer I was cooking for a gluten-free yoga retreat. One of the participants brought out a loaf of the gf Udi’s sandwich bread and we all marveled over the perfect texture and tastiness. Tasting that first slice, as well ...   Read more »

post When I know I am going to go out for breakfast, I toast my Udi’s bread, put it into a zip loc sandwich bag and put it in my purse. I can enjoy my toast along with my ham and ...   Read more »


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