PBS shines a light on latest food trends in 2012 thus far. We set out to see what is new in the culinary world and what the near future looks like for foodies, so we spoke with esteemed chefs and culinary professionals across the country to get their insight on this phenomenon.   Read more »

Pizza and pasta, “everything” bagels, cake mixes, waffles, even beer, gum and pet food. The insatiable national appetite for gluten-free products is fueling a robust market for foods and drinks made without gluten.   Read more »

Thanks to ever-increasing product improvements, today’s chef has a larger palette for creativity than any of his predecessors could have ever imagined. Yet because of greater acknowledgement of — and concerns about – food allergies, chefs today are being asked to create their art without using all the “colors” on that palette.   Read more »

Chef Survey: What’s Hot in 2012

July 5, 2012 at 5:51 pm

Poor eating habits don’t cause attention deficit disorder, but research suggests a strong relationship between ADHD and the food you consume. Find out what foods and supplements make a diet ADD-friendly — and what may make ADHD symptoms worse.   Read more »