Amazing Burger




* 10 oz ground beef
* Spoonful(approx heaping tablespoon) of each of the following (can add according to taste):
—Chunky Blue Cheese
—BBQ Sauce(your favorite)
—Good Bacon Bits
—Brown Sugar
—Sriracha Hot Sauce
—Onion Crunchies Crumbled ( can find gluten free ones in asain section or an asain store, great for a lot of recipes!)

* Dash of each of the following (again according to taste)
—Fresh Ground Pepper
—Creole Seasoning (season all with salt works)
—Worcestershire Sauce

* Tablespoon of fresh chopped celery leaves
* Udi’s Gluten Free Classic Hamburger Buns
* Cheese of your choice to top it with. I used Monterrey Jack and Cheddar!
* Other hamburger garnishes


1. Let your ground beef start working its way to room temperature and then mix all ingredients together.
2. Get your cooking surface ready. If grilling, make sure your first side cooks well before flipping otherwise it will not be pretty!
3. Let the Udi's Gluten Free Buns defrost to room temperature, just enough to pull them apart and then finish on the grill or toast!
4. Once your burgers are mixed and shaped, cook them to your liking and enjoy the most delicious burger ever, complimented with an amazing Gluten Free Udi’s Burger Bun!!


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