Bringing Sandwich Back Weekly Winner 3: "Brie Pear Sandwich With Pepita Pesto"




2 slices Udi's White Sandwich Bread
1/4 Inch slices of good quality brie
1/4 inch slices ripe pear
Pepita Pesto (see instructions below)


"I am slightly obsessed with our farmer’s market pears. It is what possesses me to buy flats of them, despite the fact I am the biggest pear fan in my family. So it is a natural pairing (no pun intended) to blend rich triple cream brie, with sensational Udi’s bread, and an earthy pumpkin seed rosemary pesto. This isn’t your ordinary grilled cheese. To make it, slice quarter inch slices of a good quality brie cheese, and place on a slice of Udi’s white sandwich bread. Top with 1/4 inch slices of ripe pear. To make the pesto, blend 1/4 cup of roasted salted pepitas with 1 t fresh rosemary and olive oil to get the consistency you want. Spread the pesto on another piece of Udi’s bread. Top with bacon if desired. Then, put the slices together, brush generously with butter (and bacon fat if you love it), place in a skillet over medium heat, flipping once until both sides or gorgeous brown. Try very hard to let it cool oh so slightly so you don’t burn your mouth. Or just take small bites!"-Sheryl D. in Palo Alto, California


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