Grilled Portabella Mushroom and Pesto Sandwich




2 Slices Udi’s gluten free bread
3 or 4 marinated fresh mozzarella cheese balls
1 medium to large Portabella mushroom
1 Tomato slice
1 T. Pesto


1. Pre-heat grill to medium. Clean mushroom with wet paper towel and pull off the stem.
2. Use some of the marinade from the mozzarella balls and brush both sides of the mushroom. Do the same with your slices of bread.
3. Thinly slice mozzarella balls. Slice a tomato (I use one slice per mushroom). 4. Take all your ingredients to the grill (including pesto). First grill your mushroom on medium heat about 2 min, then flip. When both sides are grilled, turn the mushroom so that the side that had the stem is up and spread pesto on the mushroom. Add cheese.
5. Grill bread on both sides until golden brown. When cheese is melted, put tomato slice on top. Put mushroom between toasted bread. Enjoy!


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