Leftover Creation (Pizza)




* 1 Udi’s Gluten Free Pizza Crust (8oz )
* 1 small to medium sweet Vidalia onion
* 2 Tbs of white sugar
* 1 Tbs of water to keep onions from sticking
* 1/3 of the wheel of brie cut into thin wedges
* 2 Tbs of fig paste
* 3 Tbs of roasted slivered almonds
* 1 small green apple cut into thin slices
* 1 cup of grated pizza cheese


This recipe was created as a result of a hungry belly, leftover brie sitting in the fridge and NO crackers.Luckily, an Udi’s Gluten Free Pizza Crust was in the freezer calling my name!! Really, this pizza could be eaten any time of the day!

1. Prepare Udi’s Gluten Free Pizza Crust according to the directions provided on the package.
2. While crust is cooking prepare the toppings. Sauté the Vidalia onions, sugar and water until onions are lightly browned. Cut green apple into your choice of shape. Cut cold brie into thin wedges. (Brie was previously cooked with fig paste and sliced almonds sprinkled on top).
3. Keep oven temperature while topping the crust. Once the crust is ready for topping:
First, spread caramelized onions over the Udi’s crust.
Next, layer apple slices and sliced brie over the onions.
Then, top with pizza cheese.
4. Return pizza to oven and cook until grated cheese is fully melted and browned.
5. Remove pizza from oven and allow to cool for 2-3 min (so cheese does not melt off the pizza). Cut into slices and ENJOY! I guarantee there will not be leftovers from this delicious creation!


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