Only GF Bread for me!

I have been gluten free (or tried to be–as most of you know, it has been difficult until recently) for over 15 years. I had given up on bread or bakery products and just eliminated them from my diet as none of the gluten free offerings were worth eating. Then Udi came to our rescue. His bread is so great. I can eat sandwiches again. I would crawl over hot coals to find this bread. Wish the cinnamon bread was easier to find. Went to three Denver stores yesterday and they were all out. I take a survival basket of Udi’s products to any newly diagnosed friends who think they cannot live without gluten. It cheers them up immediately. A friend of mine “had” to ship the bread to France when his teenage daughter spent a summer internship there.

Name: GBurke
City: Denver
State: CO

2 responses to “Only GF Bread for me!”

  1. Dorothy Joyner says:

    When we moved to TN I could not find Udi’s anywhere…So I went to the local Food City and talked to the manager. It took close to a year till they finally got the ok and brought in Udi’s!! A year later they have expanded the variety of Udi products they have in stock! If you can’t find it…Ask, bug, or plead with your local grocery stores till they stock it for you!!

  2. Emilytwinmom says:

    I feel the same way! I hated all gluten free bread and had sworn it off until I stumbled onto Udi’s bread! I just wish more varieties were sold in my area!!!

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