Joy Mission: Question #8

From can openers to food processors, kitchen utensils are often well loved. Answer our Joy Mission question of the day for a chance to win our Udi’s Kitchen Essentials Kit.
Question #8

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  1. Susan O. – My favorite kitchen gadget is my rice/veggie cooker. I just put in the rice and the veggies and a bit of water or stock and turn it on. I don’t even have to check on it! I just LOVE it!! No more burnt rice.
  2. Kevin F. – wife can’t live without our vitamixer
  3. Kathryn L. – Kitchenaid Stand Mixer. No question.
  4. Lindsay P. – The garlic press! Helps my hands avoid smelling like garlic every single day. Such a time saver, too!
  5. Tracy M. – I adore my Tupperware can opener. I appreciate the non-rough edges left behind on both the can and the "lid."
  6. Shirley M. – My Empire Red Kitchen Aid mixer!
  7. Ellen D-G. – The dishwasher and my mixer and my toaster. Without the dishwasher I would spend far to much time away from family cleaning up after mixing up goodies.
  8. Joanne K. – My most prized utensil is the Pampered Chef rubber spatula. It can stand heat up to…like..560 degrees so it won’t melt or bend like the cheap ones. It is very versatile. I have 3 and use them everyday. Would not want to be without it.
  9. Kathy A. – Absolutely has to be my KitchenAid mixer which handles GF flours so easily.
  10. Amanda C. – I love my Kitchen Aid mixer! From bread mixes to peanut butter fudge to mashed potatoes, it does it all.

454 responses to “Joy Mission: Question #8”

  1. Patricia C says:

    My stick blender is my most prized kitchen gadget

  2. Kathy says:

    MY slow cooker…

  3. Jeannine says:

    My 4cup slow cooker..just right for one person cooking…

  4. Christina Edwards says:

    The George Foreman Grill!

  5. Yvonne Anderson says:

    Good, sharp Warther knives, especially my chef’s knife. It drives me nuts to work in someone else’s kitchen and have to use dull knives.

  6. Meg says:

    The cheap plastic crazy looking pizza cutter that looks like a mini row boat that I ordered from my daughter’s school fundraiser! The thing works great!

  7. Angela says:

    Could not do without my Misto oil sprayer. We don’t use Pam or other products with chemicals in our cooking. With this gadget I just put in my grape seed oil (super healthy!) and am ready to coat pans for cooking and baking. It also saves $ since I can refill it instead of having to purchase a new sprayer each time.

  8. Maria DeMonte says:

    My mixer

  9. Ramya says:

    Definitely my Cuisineart compact blender. I love it! I use to make smoothies, soups, masalas for curries, etc. Did I mention the smoothies? 😉

  10. Krista says:

    My garlic press!

  11. Jaime Przybyla says:

    My cheese grater! So useful and impossible to live without.

  12. Luke says:

    The most prized gadget in my kitchen is my brain. If I can’t find a way, I make one, and the brain does all the work! Gluten Free is the way to be, sometimes you just need some extra creativity to make the recipes taste just right!

  13. sonja says:

    coffe maker (its on all day)for hot water ,me an hubby luv tea !!!!

  14. Lisa L says:

    I love my microwave pressure cooker. Its a great way to cook healthy an gf.

  15. Karen says:

    Best Gadget in my kitchen is my paring knife. IT can cut, peel and do so may jobs in the kitchen!

  16. DaveN says:

    My cheese grater!

  17. MichelleN says:

    My bosch mixer. (which,ironically, I originally bought to make glutenated bread!)

  18. Shawna R says:

    My Keurig coffee brewer

  19. K Quinn says:

    I would have to say my KitchenAid mixer. I bought it as a birthday present to myself when I turned 18 (again and old soul). I have the meat grinder and pasta maker attachments for it but mostly I’ve been using it to make the extended family birthday cakes for 25 years. Every once in a while my husband will buy me an attachment as a birthday present for it. It needs a cover but it’s wonderful.

  20. misty says:

    Hand mixer! I would not have even attempted to bake without it! 🙂

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