Don’t Sweat It – Our favorite fitness trackers

By: Mariah K.



When you’re trying to eat healthy, tracking what you eat can be a very helpful. When you’re trying to get fit, keeping track of your workout can be just as beneficial. With all the gadgets and apps on the market,  doing exactly this has never been easier. However, when it comes to picking the best app or gadget to use? That’s another story. Don’t sweat it; we’ve compiled a list of our favorite devices to track your fitness. 



FitBit Flex – ($100) The FitBit Flex is a slim band that wraps around your wrist. It measures activity level, sleep quality, calories burned, and distance traveled. You can also program the band to flash lights to let you know when you are reaching your goals in real time. The Flex will vibrate to wake you up and wirelessly sync to the including tracking device when in range.  You can also wirelessly sync your Flex to a iPhone, iPad 3, iPad Mini, or Samsung Galaxy. If you’re not a fan of the wristband monitor check out the FitBit One or the Fitbit Flex, which come equipped with many of the same features but on a smaller device.

MisFit Shine – ($99) The MisFit Shine is an all-metal and waterproof circular fitness tracker. You may have seen it in the recent Apple commercial. The MisFit Shine tracks steps, calories, and sleep, but it doesn’t stop there. MisFit Shine is waterproof, and can track  swimming, running, and cycling. Misfit Shine links to your iPhone or iPad and will also display your progress towards activity goals through its light display. It comes in nine different colors (including Coca-Cola Red) and can be worn in as a necklace, on your wrist, or clipped to your clothes.

Jawbone UP24 – ($150) The new Jawbone UP24 is the latest version of the fitness tracking bracelet and corresponding app. UP24 monitors how you sleep, move, and eat so you can better understand how your body works. The app also celebrates milestones and offers insights to cheer you along and improve your fitness. The Up24 syncs to your phone wirelessly 24/7, as the name implies. UP24 comes in five colors and is compatible with android and iOS.

MapMyRun – (Free) MapMyRun uses your smart phones GPS to track your workouts. The app can notify you via audio when you have reached predetermined goals, as well as each mile you run and the time it took you to run it. The onscreen tracker will map your run and display, distance, speed, and elevation. It’s a helpful tool for those who run without a predetermined route and may have

(on occasion) gotten lost. The corresponding website is also great for sharing running routes you’ve enjoyed with other local runners.

NIKE Training Club
– (Free) NIKE Training Club is an app available for iOS and Android. The app offers step-by-step audio, visual, and video demos for workouts ranging from 15, to 30, to 45 minutes. The workouts are designed by some of the world’s best female athletes, trainers, and celebrities. This app isn’t just instructional though! It helps you measure your fitness in number of workouts, numbers logged, and average calories burned.routes with your fellow app users.


What is your favorite fitness tracker?

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    Nike Fuel band

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