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A Hanukkah Aebleskiver Sufganiyah, #GlutenFree

GF & Vegan Vanilla Donuts

Gluten Free Donut - yummmmm! #EATdrinkbemerry

These jam-filled gluten-free gems are an awesome way to celebrate Hanukkah. Sufganiyot are traditional Jewsh doughnuts. This gluten-free recipe is super delicious—finger lick'in good!

A Hannukah Favorite - Jelly Doughnuts #sufganiyot #glutenfree

Gluten Free Sufganiyot (Jelly Doughnuts)! #EATdrinkbemerry

#GlutenFree Curry Turkey Meatballs l Lean turkey combined with gluten free breadcrumbs, dried apricots, curry, and toasted pine nuts then baked to perfection. #EATdrinkbemerry!

Before you dump that bottle, read this - 7 Simply Amazing Hacks for Leftover Wine. #eatDRINKbemerry

The Ultimate Guide To Boozy Hot Chocolate l #eatDRINKbemerry

Festive Booze-Infused Beverages: 15 Candy Cane Cocktails. #eatDRINKbemerry

Beet, Orange, and Black Olive Salad

The Most Essential Tools for Mexican Cooking

13 Ways to Survive and Thrive as a Guest: A Guide to Holiday-Party Etiquette. #eatdrinkBEMERRY

11 Sparkling Wine Cocktails for the Holidays! #eatDRINKbemerry

After you light the menorah, sip these tasty cocktails while you eat latkes and play dreidel. #eatDRINKbemerry

#Glutenfree Apple Pie Cups l #EatDrinkBeMerry

Everything you need to know in this great #Hanukkah Infographic! #eatdrinkBEMERRY

Insanely Awesome Champagne Punch l #eatDRINKbemerry

Lighted Burlap Garland l #eatdrinkBEMERRY

These DIY Reindeer Christmas Ornaments are too cute! #eatdrinkBEMERRY

Cookie Cutter Ornaments. #eatdrinkBEMERRY

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