As good as everyone said

I was visiting my niece for her graduation in June of 2010. She lives about 50 miles outside of Spokane, WA. A friend of my sister outlaw took me to a natural foods store in Spokane to buy gluten free groceries for my stay. I saw the Udi’s Gluten Free whole grain bread in the freezer case and decided to try it, since I had seen raves about it on a couple of celiac websites.

Those few days were awesome because I was able to make actual sandwiches for the first time in over two years. And I so missed toast, which I found out Udi’s bread is great for as well. When I got back to Boston, I searched for it. I can only find it in one particular Whole Foods Market in the entire Boston area, so I hope distribution will be expanded very soon.

Name: Renee S.
City: Everett
State: MA

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