Bread and Butter

We were visiting friends across the country that had a daughter on a gluten free diet. When I arrived at their house they started talking about Udi’s, which I had never heard of before, much to their surprise. Their eyes bulged and said ‘You must have some bread and butter then, this stuff is so good, you have to eat it untoasted with just butter, you’ll love it!’ and went and got me the tub of butter and a plate of plain bread.

Being that even when I did eat fresh wheat bread, I was never a ‘bread & butter’ type of person. It just didn’t attract me, ever. But when visiting friends, being polite, I smiled and smeared some butter on the bread. Four slices of bread and butter later it was no longer being polite but they were right, I did love it!

Name: Elizabeth N.
City: Rector
State: PA

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