Heavenly bread for a hungry teenager

This isn’t my story. This is my sons story. Hunter was diagnosed with celiac disease a little over a year ago at 16. As far as diseases go, it’s not the worst one could have. It’s a simple treatment….stay away from gluten. All done. As far as lifestlyles go, it’s a huge change, and I was sad for my teenager. So much of a teenage boys life revolves around food, and my son was no exception. I was mourning a normal teenage exsistence for him. All the things he would miss out on because he couldn’t eat like all the rest of the kids. It has been a challenge for him at times.

Things that should be simple for a teen, now involve planning and time. Things that aren’t always in a teenagers vocabulary. Hunter was like any other teen. He…Loves…Food. Bread. Bread was his favorite. And as I’m sure most of you who either have celiac disease or have a loved one who is affected by it, you’ve tried a lot of the gluten-free breads out there. If you haven’t, let me tell you…THEY ARE HORRIBLE.

That is, until we found the beauty of Udi’s!! Up until trying Udi’s bread, we’d tried many different types/brands. Most of them, Hunter would take a bite or two of, then throw out the whole loaf. After months of trying different kinds, Hunter had all but given up bread in his future. Where we live, there are a few options for gluten-free shopping. We don’t live in a large city, so our options really are somewhat limited, however. I had gone to a health food store, and one of the employees was extremely helpful, and made a few recommendations for me. One of these was Udi’s white sandwich bread.

I bought a couple loaves of the frozen bread and took them home. I put one out to defrost, and the other in the freezer for future use. The loaf sat, thawed, for a long time. I kept telling Hunter that I heard that it was recommended and the person said it tasted just like regular bread. After many attempts with other breads making the same claims, he was unconvinced of the truth of this persons’ testimony. He wouldn’t try it.

It was literally a month or so after I had made the purchase, I had come home from an afternoon out of the house. Hunter came up to my room to talk with me. He looked a bit sheepish. He asked if I remembered the bread that I had bought for him. Of course, I said. He got real quiet. "Well, I was so hungry for bread. Just a piece of bread to taste like what I remember, so I decided to try that bread you got me." I had such high hopes for it. I just wanted my child to enjoy something as simple as bread again. I asked him how it was. He just sat there shaking his head. I thought he was shaking it because it was awful. He sighed, then smiled at me and laughed a little. "It was so amazing!"

I was so happy. I asked him if I could try a bite. He shook his head no. He told me a story. He said he was desperate for bread. He said that when he went to open the bread, he noticed there was a little mold on it. because it sat for so long. He said he was so desperate for bread, that he tore off the part the looked moldy, and took a bite off the other end. He said it was like heaven. Pure heaven. "Mom, it tasted like real bread!!" I again asked where the bread was so I could try a bite. That was when he giggled, and looked a bit sheepish again. "Well, I couldn’t help myself after tasting that. I ate the whole loaf, mold and all!"

Because of your wonderful products, my son can eat food that tastes normal once again. Every time he tries something new, it’s like reliving an old memory of something similar that’s been gone for so long. He’s yet to try something from Udi’s that he hasn’t loved. All your baked goods, he tells me, taste just like the regular gluten kind. I was so sad when he was diagnosed. I was sad about all the things he’d miss out on. Then I’d feel selfish for being upset about my child having a disease where, if treated, he’d live a normal long and healthy life. Many other parents out there would love it if the treatment for their childrens diseases was something as simple as staying away from gluten. I’m fortunate that my son only has celiac disease. I am thankful for that every single day. And I am also thankful for the wonderful world of Udi’s, for bringing back some normalcy for my child! My son Hunter, is on the left in the picture I sent.

Name: April S.
City: Clear Lake
State: Iowa

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