I Can't Eat What?

When we told my 9 yr. old son that he had to follow a Gluten Free diet and could no longer eat his favorite white bread, pizza and pasta, he exclaimed, "I can’t eat what?"

As parents, and especially as a mother, I felt so bad for him. But I was determined to find a way to make this work without having him feel deprived of all the "good stuff" that the other kids eat. Along came Udi’s and life has been good ever since!

The bread is our favorite for grilled cheese, toast, french toast and his favorite…bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich. Not to mention the pizza crusts, bagels, cinnamon rolls and wonderful muffins! We love it all! Thank you Udi’s for helping make this gf diet a realistic possibility for a 9 yr. old boy who was devastated over what he couldn’t eat but found that there are still awesome tasting alternatives!

Name: Angie K.
City: Greenfield
State: IN

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