Saved by a gluten free cinnamon roll

I first found Udi’s about 3 weeks into eating gluten-free. I was missing baked goods (among other things) and desperately casing Whole Foods for something yummy to satisfy me, especially as I had a summer intensive class.

Behold! Cinnamon rolls! I couldn’t believe it, but I sure snatched them up. The strange things is, I think that I didn’t even eat one that day, but exercised restraint. I may have waited until breakfast the next day. Let me tell you that I was just so excited the next morning, when I took that cinnamon roll out of the microwave, threw a little (a lot) of frosting on it, and dug in.

I had been prepared for disappointment, but it was just lovely. There was no restraint after that, and I ate the other 3 in the next 3 days, not giving my husband the opportunity to try them. Hey! You snooze, you lose. Since then, I’ve been thrilled by the gluten-free bread that doesn’t weigh 5 pounds, and I’ve also had the dangerously regular-tasting blueberry muffins. Thanks for making me not have to leave baked goods behind! (Or should I be cursing you? Hmmmm. We’ll let the scale decide in another couple months.

Name: Robin O.
City: Santa Rosa
State: CA

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