Crying for a Sandwich!

We have two little boys (10 and 5) who must eat a gluten free diet. After enduring many years of dry, sandy "bread", I was introduced to Udi’s Gluten Free Bread by a salesperson gushing about how good it was and giving samples. Another woman and I each tried a bite and as my eyes got big and I exclaimed "Wow, this is actually GOOD!"

I looked over and the other woman was crying. She said she had been a Celiac forever and hadn’t eaten a sandwich in 10 years because she hated the bread. She grabbed 2 loaves off the shelf and said she was going home to make a sandwich! I, too, grabbed a few loaves and went home and made un-toasted, soft PB&J’s for the boys and watched as they devoured every last bite.

They love their bread and we buy nothing but Udi’s!

Name: Jen Z.
City: Casper
State: WY

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