Easy Ways to Make Kids Eat Gluten-Free Diet

Back-to-school means it’s time to come up with a variety of healthy, nourishing school Udi's Sandwich bread for school lunch on gluten free dietlunches for kids (and you too). Sandwiches made using Udi’s Gluten Free breads are perfect for students with gluten sensitivity.

The delicious taste and soft texture of our breads – whole grain, white sandwich, and bagels – help make school time meals something that kids will look forward to eating.

To pack more nutrition into the lunchbox, involve your child in planning and preparation. Sit down together and talk about what he or she might like for lunch. If you get kids involved and use some of their own choices, they are more likely to eat a balanced, nutritious lunch. Try our tastebud-pleasing granola for breakfast, too!

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