Alex's 1st Sandwich

Alex was 4 in June. He was diagnosed with Celiac Disease 25 months ago. This has been a life changing experience for our family, but God blessed me with a strong spirit and I’ve met CD head on. After trying numerous breads my husband, our 17 yr old daughter and I agreed that there just wasn’t any good Gluten Free breads. 4 year old loves Udi's Gluten Free White Sandwich Bread

Since Alex was so young I made our house a Gluten Free zone – a place for Alex to be comfortable. It isn’t easy to teach a child so young about gluten, but I was determined. As a stay at home mom, my goal was to safely send him to Preschool with a good grasp of what he could eat. A mom with Celiac Disease found this "amazing" bread in NY, but couldn’t find it anywhere else and promised to bring me some, but said if ever I see "Udi’s" to just buy it.

2 weeks ago, in my local Publix I saw Udi’s products for the 1st time. Alex and I bought it then rushed home to make grilled cheese sandwiches. He never had one, devoured it and loved it. Then we decided to try ham and cheese sandwiches – this bread is INCREDIBLE. His face lit up when he ate it! Alex had me make him ham & cheese sandwiches everyday – sometimes 2x a day for over a week. Alex spent his 1st full day at his preschool last week and took a ham and cheese sandwich for lunch – just like all the other kids. As a mom, I cannot thank Udi’s enough for making such a great product and allowing some normal back into our lives! Alex’ Mommy!

Name: Sandee H.
City: Davie
State: Florida

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