Gotta Have A Bagel…

As a Celiac, my thoughts are always about breads, cakes and cookies. Thankfully the food industry is making it available to find Gluten Free products. So as usual, when I went to my speciality store to get my GF frozen bagels I noticed this new brand (Udi’s). Thought to myself – looks bland and boring but the other brand wasn’t living up to what a bagel should be. So what did I have to lose but to give this plain looking bagel a try. I couldn’t believe how soft they were (even after toasting). I thought I was eating a crusty Italian loaf of bread. Every bagel was as good as the first, whether it was for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Now if only the stores could keep up with the high demand. If I don’t get to the store, they are already gone. I have tried everything except for the frozen pizza, but that is definitely in my future.

Thanks Udi’s – you have made my life so much more gratifying.

Name: Marilyn E.
City: Cave Creek
State: Arizona

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