Our Son

Our son was diagnosed with Autism at the age of 3 and was put on a gluten free diet. Getting him to eat anything was very hard. He lost some weight when we first started the diet but then began to eat a few things we offered. When I brought home a loaf of UDI’s bread he ate 2 sandwiches for the first time ever! I then brought home some of the UDI’s muffins and he was actually asking for them by the second morning. I know only buy UDI’s brand(baked items) for the whole family and both my children eat like champs.

Thank you SO much for introducing such an awesome product that gives us a chance to feed our children good food and is an alternative to wheat! Please come up with more items, pretzels, cupcakes, ect.

Name: Jill T.
City: La Junta
State: CO
Our Smiling Sons

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