Udi's Love

My first two experiences with having Udi’s bread were in NYC. The fist time was at TuLu’s bakery and I have to say the best part about my visit/review of TuLu’s was the panini I had on Udi’s bread!! Amazing. The second time was at Friedman’s Lunch in Chelsea Market and this was even better. I ordered the BLAT and it came on Udi’s bread again (which I didn’t know to begin with). I feel in love all over again with this bread. The texture is perfect and both times the bread held up, didn’t become soggy or fall apart. It was tender and crunchy – not like eating a brick like many other GF breads out there. I do truly love Udi’s bread! The only other product I’ve tried of yours is your bagels and I about cried when I had one. It tasted just like a real one and the texture was pretty spot on. Sadly though I haven’t had Udi’s in a while…still looking for a job so can’t afford many things right now but as soon as I get a job I’ll be looking to buy some. Thank you for making such a great quality product!!

Name: Jenny
City: Portsmouth
State: RI

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