A funny thing happened on the way to Colorado

There I was in Whole Foods in Boulder, hanging out for a few days before heading into the Mountains for TransRockies Run. I was making my way past the deli/sandwich counter towards the salad bar, not really bothering to break stride since I haven’t eaten a sandwich in many years since I found out I was gluten intolerant, when I stopped cold.

Gluten Free bread available, the sign read over the sandwich stop. WHAT?!?! Be still my heart. I had to try it. I had the team member make me a chicken and bacon sandwich with tons of vegetables on the gluten free bread, hoping it was something better than the horrible slices of rice bread I’ve been forced to eat for so long. I checked out and opened my sandwich. They had given me 1 1/2 sandwiches since the bread slices were pretty small, I took one bite and was absolutely transported. I couldn’t believe it, I nearly spit it out thinking it must be full gluten bread. But no, it wasn’t, it was Udi’s just arrived on the scene. Bread and sandwiches were back.

Name: Devon C.
City: San Francisco
State: CA

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