Late Life Challenge

My husband was diagnosed with Celiac disease at age 75 after many mis-steps in diagnoses and treatment. At age 75 he also has Enjoying Life to the Fullestother dietary restrictions and medical issues. For the most part, we were able to avoid gluten with careful inspection of ingredients and substitutions. Except for bread! I baked dozens of recipes and had a refrigerator full of various flours and flour combinations; I even tried creating my own recipe to no avail. We bought a half dozen ready made ‘breads”, that my husband calls cardboard! And then we discovered Udi’s bread! I cannot tell you the difference it had made in our lives. I no longer have the frustration of trying to bake a Gluten Free bread and I have lots of room in my refrigerator now that I no longer have to stock all those Gluten Free flours. And my husband looks forward to his bread and butter, or grilled cheese sandwich or, most of all, toast with his beloved over-easy egg breakfast!

Thank you Udi’s, you brought joy to an old man’s remaining years.

Name: Camille
City: Emerson
State: NJ

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